Yah Me! Christmas Present ~ Chapters/Indigo Gift Card


This past Saturday my husband and my daughter had their annual work Christmas Party and it was a really nice evening celebrating the holidays with their fellow co-workers and the management.  My daughter works at the same place with her dad. 🙂  We had great food, festive beverages, games, and Christmas Presents.  My Christmas Present was a Chapters/Indigo Gift Card!!!!  That is for a bookstore here in Canada.  So needless to say right when I got home I got on my computer and ordered my books!  I was extremely happy to receive this special gift!  Thank you so much G. Thompson Livestock Company!  You made this girl extremely happy!

So here are the books that I ordered:





Norma’s Favourite Book of the Week / December 5, 2016

Before I FallBefore I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Norma’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Date read:  November 26 – 29, 2016

5 well deserved stars! BEFORE I FALL was an absolutely unexpected really good read! I was totally blown away with the way LAUREN OLIVER delivered this story which was moving, thoughtful, and interesting. It was an honest and believable portrayal of teenagers lives which was executed with a very important message.

I didn’t know what to expect when I picked this one up, the title and the cover is what actually pulled me in. This book grabs your attention slowly and then while the story progresses and your emotions are heightened it is really hard to put down.

The story was told in the voice of a teenager, Samantha (Sam) who for the most part wasn’t a personable main character but that didn’t take away from how engrossed I was with the storyline. I thought I knew how this story was going to end, but I didn’t. I could see how Samantha’s values and morals were changing everyday as the week passes.

This novel will not be easily forgotten!

It was a steady-paced, quick, and easy to follow along read. Would recommend!!

Review by Norma

What Norma is Reading / Before the Fall by Noah Hawley

Before the FallBefore the Fall by Noah Hawley

From Goodreads:  On a foggy summer night, eleven people–ten privileged, one down-on-his-luck painter–depart Martha’s Vineyard headed for New York. Sixteen minutes later, the unthinkable happens: the passengers disappear into the ocean. The only survivors are Scott Burroughs–the painter–and a four-year-old boy, who is now the last remaining member of a wealthy and powerful media mogul’s family.

With chapters weaving between the aftermath of the tragedy and the backstories of the passengers and crew members–including a Wall Street titan and his wife, a Texan-born party boy just in from London, a young woman questioning her path in life, and a career pilot–the mystery surrounding the crash heightens. As the passengers’ intrigues unravel, odd coincidences point to a conspiracy: Was it merely dumb chance that so many influential people perished? Or was something far more sinister at work? Events soon threaten to spiral out of control in an escalating storm of media outrage and accusations–all while the reader draws closer and closer to uncovering the truth.

The fragile relationship between Scott and the young boy glows at the heart of this novel, raising questions of fate, human nature, and the inextricable ties that bind us together.