Ten Tiny Breaths (#1) by K.A. Tucker

Ten Tiny Breaths (Ten Tiny Breaths, #1)Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Date read:  January 4 to 6, 2017

This gets 4 **** bright stars from me! TEN TINY BREATHS by K.A TUCKER is a New Adult novel that is beautifully written, emotional and ends up as a feel good read which I thought was quite good! To be honest I didn’t even realize that there was even such a genre as New Adult, I had to google it! This was definitely a page turner and extremely hard to put down.

I am following my new review format for this read as mostly all of my points of a complete reading experience do apply for this one. Usually I go into a book blind so the synopsis of a book doesn’t necessarily come into play in most of my reviews. That is why I usually don’t do a summary of the plot.

THE COVER really grabbed my attention as it was appealing and after reading it I found that it was also very fitting. The cover really depicts that as the story is about a girl who finds herself drowning in the pain of her broken heart and how she overcomes that through the love of a boy who has his own dark secrets and who ultimately helps her to breath, to live, and to love again.

Favorite quote: “Give me your heart, Kasey. I’ll take everything that comes with it.”

THE TITLE was absolutely spot on for this one. TAKE TEN TINY BREATHS. SEIZE THEM. FEEL THEM. LOVE THEM.

TEN TINY BREATHS has us following along Kasey’s journey through the stages of her life after the accident.

Stage One – Comfortably Numb
Stage Two – Denial
Stage Three – Resistance
Stage Four – Acceptance
Stage Five – Dependence
Stage Six – Withdrawal
Stage Seven – Breakdown
Stage Eight – Recovery
Stage Nine – Forgiveness
Final Stage – Epilogue

I loved Kasey’s CHARACTER and her voice throughout this novel. She was damaged, strong, angry, vulnerable and could be also be a little violent at times. I also really enjoyed the authors writing style and how she delivered this story as she got you right into Kasey’s head and had you feeling her pain and her emotions as you followed along with Kasey’s journey and all the different stages of her healing. I felt the love and chemistry between Kasey and Trent and the determination he had in trying to make her smile and to help her deal with her pain. I found TEN TINY BREATHS was easy to follow along with the storyline and all the secondary characters involved.

I don’t normally read romance novels but this was definitely a nice change from all the Thrillers & Suspense novels that I normally read. Although I did have some suspicion quite early on how one of the characters was going to be involved and when it actually is revealed I have to say my heart went out to this character. The ENDING was quite touching, satisfying and very pleasing for a very pleasant reading experience.

At the end of the book I fell in love with both Kacey & Trent and all of my TEN TINY BREATHS taken throughout this novel. I will definitely be reading the rest of the novels in this series!

To sum it all up it was a fast-paced, touching love story, that was a quick & easy read with a very satisfying ending. Would recommend!!