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WitnessWitness by Caroline Mitchell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Read January 5 to 6, 2017

3.5 Stars
I found Witness to have an interesting and different take to it for a psychological thriller. The story draws you into a dangerous and twisted mind game controlled by an abuser Solomon. He controls and manipulates Rebecca by making her make decisions that test her morals and pushes her to sacrifice people to protect herself and her family.

The story is told from Solomon and Rebecca’s point of view. Giving me a good understanding of Solomon’s abusive mind and Rebecca’s fears. Rebecca’s voice is told in present day and past through diary entries. Through the diary we learn of Rebecca’s and Solomon’s past relationship.

I thought Witness to be a scary and unsettling story with a surprising and satisfying ending that I didn’t see coming. I would recommend Witness to Thriller lovers.

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