Thoughts by Brenda: The Dry by Jane Harper

The DryThe Dry by Jane Harper

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Listened January 22-27, 2017

I decided to maximize my reading time so while doing tasks and walking I decided to listen to The Dry by audio version.

The Dry is a clever, entertaining and engaging whodunit story that is perfectly paced with two mysteries to be solved. One in the past that links characters and events to the present. The story is a believable plot driven by secrets, lies and sins of the past.

The story is told by rejected, returning and now outsider Aaron Falk, who is at odds with the people of a small rural town, Kierwana, Australia. We experience the story mostly through his eyes and ears as the investigation and events start to unfold. The Townsfolk are hostile and hold a grudge towards Aaron believing their version of the past mystery. The story is skillfully told in tandem with the present and past revealing clues at the right time.

The investigation, the character’s descriptions and development with the vivid sense of place pulled me into the mysteries and kept me listening intensely right to the end. I even found myself wanting to get to my tasks so I could listen. I thought the story was truly enhanced by listening to the audio version. Highly recommend!

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