Thoughts by Brenda:  The Most Dangerous Place on Earth by Lindsey Lee Johnson

The Most Dangerous Place on EarthThe Most Dangerous Place on Earth by Lindsey Lee Johnson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Listened February 6-16, 2017

I listened to the audio version of The Most Dangerous Place on Earth. I was left speechless for a few minutes after listening to this one and then a flow of thoughts and feelings came rushing in and I had to grab my notebook and pen right away to gather my thoughts on this one. I went into it mostly curious to see if it would seem like something my sons could have experienced in high school. I started listening and my filters quickly kicked in to filter out the profanity, however I soon realized that I would need to listen to get the whole feel of the characters. I almost quit listening but my curiosity won out and I continued. I am so glad I did.

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth is an achingly sad, shocking and emotional story. It’s a story of a high school among privileged students of Mill Valley, California who have the freedom and the ability to access anything they want but not what they really need.

The story starts off with a tragedy in grade 8, that grabbed my attention right away and then cleverly jumps ahead to grade 11. We then follow along with the students that were involved as they struggle with their guilt, sorrow, the pressures from their parents to succeed, pressure from their peers, finding who they are, who they want to be and dealing with their situations. The story is told in alternating perspectives of the students and one teacher allowing us to see them as individuals and then also seeing them as part of a group.

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth is a cleverly written book with a lot talent from Johnson who has given us a vivid view of the dangers in the teenage world.

“To her friends who are flawed, but yes living.”
“She knew there was only this and whatever moment would come after, Is going on and trying, like everyone to live in this beautiful world.”

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