Faithful by Alice Hoffman

FaithfulFaithful by Alice Hoffman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Read March 5-7, 2017

I love stories like Faithful that explore characters who are flawed and scarred and that draw me into the their lives as they try to find their way in life. This makes for a powerful and interesting read for me.

The story is told by Shelby who was once an ordinary, happy girl. After an accident she suffers from survival guilt, feelings of worthlessness and depression. She punishes herself by hiding from the world and believing the world is better off without her. We follow her story as she discovers she has people around her that remain faithful to her and have faith she will survive.

I love the friendship Shelby has with Maravelle and the connection she makes with Maravelle’s children. Through them she learns just how much she can care for others.

I do have to admit there were some things in this story that didn’t quite work for me and would have liked a little better closure for someone but I won’t say who or what that is, as it could give away something.

Overall Faithful was a powerful and satisfying read for me that I highly recommend.

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