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That NightThat Night by Chevy Stevens

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Read March 17-19, 2017

I am now a Chevy Stevens fan. This is the second book I have read by her and will not be my last. I own three more of her books that I am really excited to read.

That Night was just the perfect read at the right time for me. What a fun, easy and enjoyable read this was for me.

Chevy Stevens delivers a gripping story of a murder with secrets, betrayal and heartache that had me feeling angry and sad but not weighing me down with emotions. With just the right amount of suspense and tension to keep me turning the pages as fast as I could.

The story is told from misunderstood and resentful teenager Toni’s perspective shifting easily between the past, leading up to the murder and incarceration and the present after she is released from jail for the murder of her sister. We see her go from the teenager she was to a cautious, closed off women trying to stay out of trouble after she is released. Struggling to adjust to a new life on the outside. However the past is still hanging over her and threatening her future and she must find the truth.

Just the right amount of grit and shocking events with twist and turns that kept me guessing until the satisfying end. I highly recommend.

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