Thoughts by Brenda:  Lilli de Jong by Janet Benton

Lilli de JongLilli de Jong by Janet Benton

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4.5 Stars

Shortly after we meet Lilli De Jong she is left unwed and pregnant. Through Lilli’s journal entries we learn of her fight to survive in a time when society banishes, judges and shames unwed mothers and their children. She takes us from her life at home to a home for unwed mothers, to a home to care and nurse for a baby from a wealthy family and then left frighteningly alone with her baby in the streets fighting to survive. Determined to keep her daughter and fight to survive poverty she chooses between her morals and the morals and judgment of a harsh society.

Lilli de Jong is a distressing yet and uplifting important story that really had me thinking and questioning the morals, self righteous judgement of yesterday and today.
Through Janet Benton’s research and beautifully told story she reminded me what we learn from the past can be a link to the future and left me thinking how far we have come but how far we could still go. I highly recommend.


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