Brenda’s Thoughts: In This Moment by Karma Brown

In This MomentIn This Moment by Karma Brown

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Read June 18-22, 2017

3.5 rounded down

In This Moment is my second book from Karma Brown and I could see why she is known for her emotionally charged books from the first one I read The Choices We Make but I didn’t find this one very emotional at all but for the most part I did enjoy it.

When we first meet Meg she is living a pretty normal happy life with her husband and daughter. When in one moment a tragedy hits and everything changes for Meg and she blames herself for her part in the tragedy. The tragedy brings back a painful secret that she has buried and things start to unravel in Meg’s world. As things start to unravel we see Meg struggling with her guilt, we see her concerns and fears for her daughter and her guilt leads her to an attraction.

I thought Karma Brown does an excellent job here exploring guilt and forgiveness and I could really feel Meg’s struggles with her guilt and keeping things together. However things started going sideways for me as Meg starts to become more concerned for her daughter and I couldn’t feel her desperation in keeping her daughter safe physically and emotionally. It just came across as nagging to me and the only emotion I was feeling was annoyed. I also didn’t like the direction the story went with an attraction Meg starts to develop and that is when I started losing interest. I wanted more from from the story and would’ve liked it to explore other things that I thought were missing from the story.

One part of the ending I loved and found it very touching and it did pull at my heartstrings and the other part of the ending not so much. It wrapped up too quickly and I didn’t get the answers I wanted from what I thought was missing. It left me wanting more but not in the good way.

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