Review by Norma: Project Apex by Michael Bray

Project ApexProject Apex by Michael Bray

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars rounded down to 3 stars

Date read:  June 22 – 23, 2017

What if man’s thirst for knowledge resulted in it’s own destruction?

Why I wanted to read this one…….I was really excited to get a chance to read Project Apex as I was looking forward to reading something totally different than I normally would choose to read.  I am glad that I accepted the opportunity to read this novel.

What it’s all about……A zombie style apocalyptic novel with superhuman soldiers.

Synopsis:  Richard Draven is a scientist interested in the healing properties of primates and transferring them to humans. When he discovers a new species of monkey with amazing regenerative powers, he has no idea that his report will set off a chain of events with dire consequences.

Six years later, and Draven’s research has been put into practice. The government has engineered a virus which has begun human trials. It’s job – to make the armed forces of the world better, stronger, faster in their numerous conflicts across the globe. Something, however is not right. Disturbing reports about the behaviour of those modified by the virus are growing in number raising concerns amongst those in charge that something has gone wrong. As the Apex teams go dark and stop responding to orders, the government discover that there is a much more sinister force at work.

Joshua Cook is the alpha male, the first man to be administered the virus and bond with it successfully. Joshua is tired of the human race, tired of their self-destructive nature. He has a plan, one which involves wiping the slate clean of the ‘lesser’ edition of the human machine and repopulating the earth with his own kind. As the full and devastating scale of Joshua’s plan begins to unfold before the eyes of the world, the government are forced to turn back to Richard Draven in an effort to find a way to stop Joshua and his growing army before he can eradicate humanity from the planet.

A tense, global thriller taking place across multiple countries, from the government-centric streets of Washington to the slums of Mumbai and the burning heat of the Iraq desert, Project Apex features a rich and varied cast of characters each with their own motivations and sub plots through the main narrative as they tell the very human story of a disaster on an unprecedented global scale where people are forced to do things they never imagined possible, and in some cases revert back to the instinctive savagery long repressed by our species as society starts to crumble the world over.

Why I actually enjoyed this one…The action in this book is non-stop and described very well that I could really see it happening and felt the terror from the characters that were caught in the crossfire.

What I didn’t like…..Some of the events that took place was a little too graphic for my taste and I was a little lost in some of the unfamiliar detail.

PROJECT APEX by MICHAEL BRAY is an action-packed, tense, fast-paced, fascinating, and descriptive tale that did hold my interest right from the very start and as more was being revealed it was hard to put this novel down. The ending does end a little abruptly though to entice you to read the second book in this series.

MICHAEL BRAY delivers a well-written read here with an interesting and unique storyline.  The premise of this tale plays out so realistically and to me it was an absolutely scary and terrifying look into an apocalyptic threat that had me fearing for this “new world” and what it means to the future of mankind.  As I was reading this I definitely could imagine this story being made into a movie.

Overall, I did mostly enjoy this novel and might consider reading the second book in this series sometime in the future.  Would recommend!

I received a free digital copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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