Review by Norma: Pretending to Dance by Diane Chamberlain

Pretending to DancePretending to Dance by Diane Chamberlain

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Date read:  June 20 to July 1st, 2017

3.5 stars rounded up to 4 stars!

Judy Blume’s Forever & Johnny Depp need I say more…….

Why I wanted to read this one……Diane Chamberlain is one of my favourite authors and I always like to pick up one of her novels to change up the pace between all the thrillers/suspense novels that I read.  I really like her writing style as it always flows so naturally, and her novels are always enjoyable, ingenious, easy to follow along, and engaging stories with relatable and loveable characters.

Thoughts & what it’s all about…

PRETENDING TO DANCE by DIANE CHAMBERLAIN is a wonderful, interesting, engaging, and an entertaining read here that transported me right into the lives of all the characters.  Although, the mystery from the past was not too hard to figure out it still didn’t take away any of the drama from the big reveal for me. There is some family drama, love, humor, hidden secrets, lies, betrayal, and a past mystery that kept me interested enough throughout this whole story.

The story is told in two alternating timelines from the perspective of our main character, present Molly and 14 year old Molly. Molly is married and a successful lawyer who is in the process of adopting a baby with her husband.  From 14 year-old Molly we learn her backstory from when her and her family resided on their family plantation, Morrison Ridge which brings both stories together of what happened one summer from the past into the present for an emotional and heart-wrenching read.

What I liked…..I really liked the title of this book and learning the powerful meaning behind it.  I also really enjoyed 14 year-old Molly as it brought back quite a few memories of my childhood and the references of Judy Blume’s book Forever and the crush she had on Johnny Depp was quite humorous.

What I didn’t like…..The story was a little predictable and did somewhat drag for me but nevertheless I did enjoy it.  The book just wasn’t as gripping as some of her others that I have read.

To sum it all up it was a compelling, steady-paced, and an enjoyable read with a heartwarming and touching ending. Would recommend!!