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Ragdoll (Detective William Fawkes, #1)Ragdoll by Daniel Cole

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Traveling Sisters Group Review by NORMA, BRENDA, KACEEY and KENDALL!!

Norma’s rating:  4 stars!

Our second pick for our Traveling Sisters Group Read was RAGDOLL by DANIEL COLE and we all had varying thoughts on the ending with this one.

RAGDOLL (Detective William Fawkes #1) by DANIEL COLE is a clever, gripping, dark, and an action-packed crime thriller novel that was gory, thrilling, and exciting which moved along at a breakneck speed leaving us feeling a little spent after finishing this novel.

DANIEL COLE delivers a fast-paced story here revealing shocking and gruesome scenes to drive the plot instead of adding layers to the plot and the characters. This left some of us a bit confused and needing more juice to grasp some of the happenings within the storyline and at times we felt like we missed something.

Daniel Cole does a great job adding some humor within the dialogue here between our team of detectives taking away some of the tension from the story and had us laughing out loud.  We all loved Edmunds and his character quickly became the favorite part of the story for Kaceey and Kendall.

This was an extremely challenging read for us and we were conflicted with the ending.  The story falls apart at the ending for Kaceey and Kendall and they found some things just didn’t add up for them. Driving their rating down. However, for Norma and Brenda it did work for them.  The more Norma thought about this one the more brilliant she thought this novel was.  Would recommend!

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