Traveling Sisters Review:  Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land

Good Me, Bad MeGood Me, Bad Me by Ali Land

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

5 Spectacular Stars for the audiobook version! The narrator, Imogen Church was absolutely brilliant! The story itself – 4 stars!

Traveling Sisters Read with Brenda, Norma, Lindsay & Kaceey

Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land is a disturbing, chilling, and a suspenseful psychological thriller novel with an intriguing and unsettling storyline that is a slightly different take on the life of a serial killer because she is a female.

Norma was listening to this one and while we were discussing this book it left the rest of us slightly confused with her take on it and we had to stop and ask Norma if she was listening to the same book as we were reading. That was quite the conversation as it had us all rolling on the floor laughing. Listening to this versus reading really seemed to give Norma a different experience than the rest of us who were reading it.

Ali Land delivers a twisted and uniquely written read here which brilliantly delves into our main character’s mind as we really got into Milly’s internal struggles that she had with the good me and bad me persona and the voice she hears of her mother in her head. We could really feel her struggling not to give in to the darker side as the voice of her mother in her head pushes her to that darker side. Asking ourselves the question, is she good or is she bad?

While Norma was listening to this story and was lost in the unstable mind of Milly and her thoughts the rest of us were overwhelmed with the constant bullying from the mean girls which left us feeling exhausted and really sad at how mean they really were. There is a lot going on within this story and many topics touched on here that for us overshadowed the creepiness and distracted us from the struggles going on in Milly’s mind. For the Twisted Sister Norma it was a very different experience as she really got into the minds of the characters as the narrator of the audiobook was absolutely brilliant and really showed how creepy and disturbing these characters really were.

Towards the end of the book Norma and Kaceey were feeling a sense of creepy dread leaving Kaceey feeling like she didn’t want to finish and Norma a sense of foreboding that didn’t sit well and was scared to finish. For Lindsay and Brenda they were unable to feel any creepiness or dread as they were so overwhelmed by the mean girls and everything this story touched on which was pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. All of this not helping with Kaceey’s unsettling sense of dread. Some of it felt out of place or just didn’t fit well into the story.

For our Twisted Sister, Norma this book definitely worked for her and she was satisfied with the ending but for the rest of us not so much. The ending left us underwhelmed and unsatisfied. We all still highly recommend this book and feel listening to this one would be the better choice as we did feel like we were missing out on an experience that Norma had that we didn’t.

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Traveling Sisters Book Reviews

If The Creek Don't  RiseIf The Creek Don’t Rise by Leah Weiss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Date read:  February 22 – 23, 2017

Wow! This was an extremely enjoyable read! I absolutely loved the southern voice of these characters throughout this book. It is a breathtaking and gritty portrayal of hillbilly life from the year 1970 which is set in the Appalachian Mountains.

“Regular folks buckle under the piss and vinegar in this world.”

IF THE CREEK DON’T RISE by LEAH WEISS is an interesting, compelling, and beautifully written novel that has a really engaging storyline and characters that grabbed my attention from the very first chapter.

Being a Loretta Lynn and country music fan I absolutely loved Sadie Blue’s respect and adoration that she had for Loretta Lynn. The references to Loretta Lynn were quite appealing and enjoyable!



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Traveling Sister Review: A Stranger In the House by Shari Lapena

A Stranger in the HouseA Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Traveling Sister Review by Brenda and Lindsay

What a surprise a Stranger in the House was for us as we were not expecting to like this one as much as we did. I decided to listen to this while Lindsay read it. It’s a great easy one to listen to that doesn’t require my full attention.

A Stranger in the House is an intriguing, easy and fast-paced suspenseful psychological thriller that had us both purely entertained by this fun and easy story.

Shari Lapena does a good job creating unlikable characters here. None worth liking but had us oddly invested in them and changing our minds on how we felt about them throughout the story. Even though none were worth rooting for either, we found ourselves rooting for each at different times. The story is told through the perspective of our three main characters and we enjoyed each one and really felt like we got to know them well.

The mystery behind this one had us guessing from start to finish. The shocking twists and turns had us flip-flopping back and forth with whodunit as the suspense built up for us until the final stunning twist that left us gasping and messaging each other as fast as we could.

We highly recommend for a fun, nice and easy, purely entertaining story to read or listen to.

Traveling Sisters Review: The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld

The Child FinderThe Child Finder by Rene Denfeld

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Date read:  September 15 – 18, 2017

Wow!  This book was an absolutely fantastic 5 star read!

Traveling Sisters Read with Norma & Lindsay

CHILD FINDER by RENE DENFELD is a disturbing, haunting, unique, captivating, and an absolutely exceptional novel that had us totally engaged, entertained, and intrigued throughout this whole book.  This book was so magically well-written with such beautiful prose that had us savouring every single word while we were reading it. We really wanted to take our time and enjoy the writing style instead of rushing right through it to get to the end.  Even after finishing it we are still finding that we can’t stop thinking about this book.

RENE DENFELD delivers a vivid and beautifully written story here with absolutely fantastic character development, wonderful narrative, and an extremely enthralling storyline.  We both really enjoyed the magical realism aspect within the storyline and thought it was an absolute perfect mix of fiction and fantastical elements.

The story is uniquely told from multiple points of view and incorporated into the storyline from Madison’s point of view are fantastical elements which really added to the storyline which was extremely unique and compelling to show us how she coped with being held captive for so many years.  Through the strong female character of Naomi’s perspective and The Child Finder we delved into her hidden past and her story and character kept us intrigued and captivated right to the very end.

To sum it all up it was an interesting, engrossing, unforgettable, emotional, and an enjoyable read that left us both feeling totally satisfied with the extremely touching ending.  It just left us wanting a little bit more from our main character Naomi as we still have a few questions about her past as we would love to learn more about her and would absolutely love it if perhaps there might be a sequel in the future!  We would absolutely love that!  Would highly recommend!  This book quickly went into our favourites read shelf for 2017!

We are definitely going to be reading Denfeld’s previous novel, The Enchanted!  We both can’t wait to read that!

Cautionary warning – There is an element of child abuse, but it is nothing too graphic and in our opinion it was handled extremely well and with care.


Traveling Sisters Group Read: Cold Blood by Robert Bryndza @RobertBryndza @bookouture

Cold Blood (Detective Erika Foster, #5)Cold Blood by Robert Bryndza

 Detective Erika Foster #5

Traveling Sisters Review by Brenda

Traveling Sisters Group Read with Brenda, Norma, Susanne, Holly and Sarah

3.5 Stars rounded up to 4 stars!

I was quite excited to see Cold Blood on NetGalley and a few sisters quickly requested this one and I added it to our sisters reads right away.  I called it a Cold Blood Book Party and wow I didn’t realize how true to the title this book really was.  Our party felt more like a “Cold Blood” bloodbath leaving some of us in utter shock. As always I really loved our “Cold Blood” discussion and reading this one along with them.

We did have one sister reading with us who went into this one not reading any of the other books and didn’t really know what to expect from the author.  For the sisters who did we were a bit shocked and to some of us it felt like it was a totally different author altogether – then the author we have grown to love.  The scenes were gruesome, graphic, and gory even for a sister who’s a fan of the darker stories. I felt this was a big bold and risky move here by Robert Bryndza that paid off for my Twisted Sister Norma as she really liked the creepy and chilling side to the storyline, for me and a couple other sisters not so much.

At first, when we meet the more eviler, disturbed, and ruthless characters Nina and Max, which are also the most disturbing characters that Robert Bryndza has ever written before, I was feeling a bit bad for Nina being sucked into Max’s world.  After reading a bit they felt like they were going all Bonnie and Clyde and then more like Natural Born Killers to us.  Leaving us with a very uneasy feeling about those characters.

We did enjoy getting back to Erika and her team and really enjoyed the dynamics between Erika and her team but would’ve liked more from them than Nina and Max.  Maybe a little more Peterson and less Marsh and we think it’s time to cut poor Erika some slack and give her a little happiness in her personal life.

I will admit this one did leave a few of us feeling a little uneasy about reading any future installments from Robert Bryndza but I am sure The Twisted Sister Norma will be changing some of our minds.  We do hope maybe Robert Bryndza will tone down some of the gruesome and evil characters a bit.  We recommend this one to thriller lovers who like the darker and creepier thrillers and with a little heads-up to other readers.  Maybe if I had a warning I might have felt differently towards this one.

Thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture, and Robert Bryndza for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book for a fair and honest review.



Norma’s Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Date read:  September 18 – 22, 2017

Traveling Sisters Group Read – thank you sisters for another wonderful reading experience!

ROBERT BRYNDZA is back with another installment to the Detective Erika Foster Series!
When I first found out that DI Erika Foster was back with another installment to this series I quickly requested a copy of this book as I am a huge fan of this series!  I have enjoyed all of the other previous books in this series and this was no exception.

COLD BLOOD (Detective Erika Foster, #5) by ROBERT BRYNDZA is an action-packed, dark, chilling, and a gripping police procedural thriller that once again pulled me in right away into this edgier, disturbing, and bolder storyline which worked for this Twisted Sister.

ROBERT BRYNDZA delivers another well-written read here with non-stop action, although some things in this storyline is a little on the graphic and gruesome side, I found the storyline quite intriguing and creepy. The story is told in multiple perspectives alternating between the present day investigation from Erika’s point of view, through journal entries from the point of view into the background of our serial killers lives, and then into a parallel storyline bringing the case and both stories together in the end.

I absolutely love Erika Foster’s character and found myself a little bit disappointed and irritated with some of the events that her character went through within this book.  I really would like to see a little more happiness for Erika in her personal life!

To sum it all up it was an entertaining, exciting, tense, fast-paced, and a quick read with a satisfying ending. Would recommend!!

Thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture, and Robert Bryndza for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book for a fair and honest review.


Traveling NetGalley Sister Review: The Girl Who Came Back by Kerry Wilkinson

The Girl Who Came BackThe Girl Who Came Back by Kerry Wilkinson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars

Traveling Sister Review with Kaceey.

The Girl Who Came Back is a fascinating, gripping and a fast-paced psychological thriller that had Kaceey and I hooked right from start to finish. Once we started, it quickly turned into an afternoon of us messaging each other with our theories and guesses till life needed our attention or I should say someone. Lol Kaceey had her game on with this and we made a pretty good team piecing this one together with Kaceey figuring out the twists. At least I wasn’t in left field again with this one.

Kerry Wilkinson does a great job creating an intriguing character here with our main character Olivia the girl who came back. Right from the start we were questioning her return and trying to figure out what secrets she was hiding. We were also intrigued by Lily’s story and the suspense increased as we tried to figure out how she was connected to the story. Kerry Wilkinson does a brilliant job weaving those two stories together and allowing us ok Kaceey to figure out the brilliant twists and keeping us interested right to the end

We really liked how the story came together in the end and were quite satisfied with the ending. In the end we were asking ourselves if “The past is the past and should some secrets remain buried”. We highly recommend!

Thank you NetGalley, Bookouture and Kerry Wilkinson for a copy to read and review.

Kaceey’s Review

Olivia disappeared from her back-yard garden at the tender age of 6. Gone in an instant. Her parents ultimately divorced, moving on with their lives as best they could. Her mother Sarah remarried and had a new baby. Her father Dan spiraled out of control and was left a crushed, defeated man.

When out of the blue, Little Olivia simply skips back into their lives as a teenager, some 13 years later, and no one can believe it…or her! Could it really be the same missing girl from so long ago? Or is this an imposter trying to embed herself into the lives of those so vulnerable and desperate to have her back.

Kerry Wilkinson delivers a very taught, twisty thriller that was extremely hard to put down. I was all-in from the beginning. I set aside a weekend to read this book but basically it took just over one day. (Interrupted only by work)!!

Although I did figure out some of the twists along the way, it certainly didn’t deter my enjoyment of this book at all!! I still hung on every word, even reading beyond the goals we set for ourselves!

My first book from this author and will definitely be on the look-out for more! Highly recommend for all psychological thriller lovers!

Thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture and Kerry Wilkinson for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.