Traveling Sisters Review: The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld

The Child FinderThe Child Finder by Rene Denfeld

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Date read:  September 15 – 18, 2017

Wow!  This book was an absolutely fantastic 5 star read!

Traveling Sisters Read with Norma & Lindsay

CHILD FINDER by RENE DENFELD is a disturbing, haunting, unique, captivating, and an absolutely exceptional novel that had us totally engaged, entertained, and intrigued throughout this whole book.  This book was so magically well-written with such beautiful prose that had us savouring every single word while we were reading it. We really wanted to take our time and enjoy the writing style instead of rushing right through it to get to the end.  Even after finishing it we are still finding that we can’t stop thinking about this book.

RENE DENFELD delivers a vivid and beautifully written story here with absolutely fantastic character development, wonderful narrative, and an extremely enthralling storyline.  We both really enjoyed the magical realism aspect within the storyline and thought it was an absolute perfect mix of fiction and fantastical elements.

The story is uniquely told from multiple points of view and incorporated into the storyline from Madison’s point of view are fantastical elements which really added to the storyline which was extremely unique and compelling to show us how she coped with being held captive for so many years.  Through the strong female character of Naomi’s perspective and The Child Finder we delved into her hidden past and her story and character kept us intrigued and captivated right to the very end.

To sum it all up it was an interesting, engrossing, unforgettable, emotional, and an enjoyable read that left us both feeling totally satisfied with the extremely touching ending.  It just left us wanting a little bit more from our main character Naomi as we still have a few questions about her past as we would love to learn more about her and would absolutely love it if perhaps there might be a sequel in the future!  We would absolutely love that!  Would highly recommend!  This book quickly went into our favourites read shelf for 2017!

We are definitely going to be reading Denfeld’s previous novel, The Enchanted!  We both can’t wait to read that!

Cautionary warning – There is an element of child abuse, but it is nothing too graphic and in our opinion it was handled extremely well and with care.


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    1. I loved reading this one with you too Lindsay! I am crossing my fingers for a sequel too!!! I agree this book was absolutely fantastic and one I won’t soon forget! 🤗


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