Traveling Sisters NetGalley Group Sister Review: Losing Leah Holloway by Lisa Regan

Losing Leah Holloway (Claire Fletcher & Detective Parks Mystery #2)Losing Leah Holloway by Lisa Regan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

LOSING LEAH HOLLOWAY (Claire Fletcher & Detective Parks Mystery #2) picks up 5 years after the first installment in this series, Finding Claire Fletcher. Finding Claire Fletcher was the book that brought the Traveling Sisters together and how we started our reading group for our blog. We were extremely excited to get an advanced copy of this book. For Losing Leah Holloway our group grew to six of us reading and discussing this one together. One of our sisters did not read the first one but the rest of us have. For this special read, I have taken some of Norma’s review and combined it with my sister review.

Losing Leah Holloway is a captivating, tense, and a fast-paced exciting story that was thrilling to read from start to finish with some really great twists and turns that grabbed our attention right away and kept us curious right to the end. The first twist sent us reeling in shock over it and I am not sure I am over it yet. Those twists and turns kept us trying to guess them throughout this mystery. Some of us picking up on some clues to the twists and turns and leaving some of us stumped. I was one of the stumped sisters, and Norma being one of the sisters who did pick up on some clues.

We all loved our returning main characters Claire and Connor from Finding Claire Fletcher and were rooting for them and loved their relationship. We really like how Lisa Regan tied Claire to the story, however, some of us wanted a bit more of Claire. How can I not mention Wilson, Claire’s dog and how much we all enjoyed his character. Such a great name for a dog too.

We all were very satisfied with the ending and everything came together and tied up well for us and leaving us wanting more from these memorable characters. We all are hoping for a third installment to this very special sister series. We highly recommend reading both of these well-done books.

Thank you so much to NetGalley, Thomas & Mercer and Lisa Regan for the opportunity to read a copy of this book in exchange for a review.


Norma’s Review

LOSING LEAH HOLLOWAY (Claire Fletcher & Detective Parks Mystery #2) by LISA REGAN is a tense, suspenseful, thrilling, and a fast-paced novel with some really good twists that grabbed my attention right away and had me totally engaged and curious throughout this whole book. Losing Leah Holloway picks up 5 years after the first installment in this series, Finding Claire Fletcher and I was extremely excited to get an advanced copy of this novel.  I thought it was just as good if not better than the first book in this series.  

LISA REGAN delivers an action-packed story here that was thrilling and exciting to read from start to finish.  The storyline was interesting, extremely good, tied together nicely throughout, and played out perfectly in the end.  I love Claire and Connor’s relationship and I think they are awesome characters.  

I loved everything about this book and hope that there might be a third installment to this series in the future. Would recommend!!

Thank you so much to NetGalley, Thomas & Mercer and Lisa Regan for the opportunity to read a copy of this book in exchange for a review.

Traveling Sisters Group Read – Thank you so much for another wonderful reading experience! It is always a pleasure reading along with these awesome group of ladies!


Kaceey’s Review

A seemingly ordinary mother, Leah Holloway, drives off a bridge with a car full of children. Now it’s up to Detective Connor Parks to investigate and dig into the life of this woman. How exactly does a woman who displayed no warning signs do something so horrific? What went so wrong in her life to make her take such a drastic step?

Claire takes somewhat of a back-seat in this book. Which for me was unexpected.  Maybe in the future I need to take a closer look before I start reading. I was hopeful for more content involving Claire, and of course Connor! The second half of the book mainly focuses on Leah Holloway. (Well, ok she is the title character after all!). But I didn’t feel the characters of Claire and Leah meshed well into one book.  I really enjoyed both characters, but Claire and Leah could each stand on their own separately and be terrific. Actually I think I may have preferred to read separate full length books solely devoted to each woman. Even with that said, it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of this book!

It is a very quick read with short chapters that make it hard to put down. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend!


Lindsay’s review

4.5 stars!! Wow – this was a fantastic follow up to Finding Claire Fletcher!

This book captured my FULL attention from page one and didn’t let it go until the very last sentence. It was an intense, unique, gripping, heart-pounding, addictive, fast-paced, highly entertaining thriller.

I really enjoyed meeting the main characters, Claire and Connor, in the first book and my love for them grew even deeper through this engrossing story. The author, Lisa Regan, did a fabulous job further developing these characters. I really liked how this story was presented through multiple time frames and various characters’ perspectives. There were several pages that made me gasp and pause to (pick my jaw up off the floor and) ensure I had read things correctly. This novel has many shocking twists and turns that kept me at the edge of my seat and flipping the pages as fast as possible.

I would highly recommend this edgy, jaw-dropping, highly suspenseful novel! Be sure to start with the first book, Finding Claire Fletcher, to ensure you get the entire backstory and can fully appreciate and truly enjoy this unforgettable tale. I will end by saying that Wilson the dog was such a perfect addition to Claire’s life – absolutely loved him!

A big thank you to NetGalley, Thomas & Mercer and Lisa Regan for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review!


Our Traveling Sister Review for Finding Claire Fletcher

An absolutely brilliant take on the double meaning of the title!! Loved it!!

5 stars!! Well that was one awesome all-around great read for Norma & Kaceey!

4 stars!! From Brenda & Lindsay (So for the purpose of this review 4.5 stars rounded up to 5 stars)

We thought it was time to bring our regular Traveling Sisters Lindsay and Kaceey together to do a Traveling Sister Read/Review with us. After a bit of searching by Brenda and trying to coordinate all four us with the same book at the same time with a few unsuccessful attempts, we finally decided to go with FINDING CLAIRE FLETCHER by LISA REGAN from NetGalley. This is our very first Traveling Sister Review with thoughts from all four of us altogether in one review. What a great choice this book was as we all thoroughly enjoyed this emotional and heart-breaking read.

FINDING CLAIRE FLETCHER is an intense, dark, disturbing, haunting, gripping, and suspenseful psychological thriller that captured all of our attention right from the very start and had some of us reading way past our reading goals as we kept thinking of this story and simply could not put it down.

LISA REGAN delivers a well-written and fascinating story here told in two alternating timelines from the perspective of our main character, Claire as we follow along her horrific ordeal that she endured while being held captive for 10 years. As well as the point of view from Connor a detective and his involvement and determination in FINDING CLAIRE FLETCHER. We were really able to feel the nightmare that Claire went through because LISA REGAN gave us a clear picture and a good understanding and insight into the horror that Claire endured asking ourselves why do we read this stuff.

Right away Brenda and Lindsay put their detective skills to work and thought they figured out someone suspicious, almost having Norma convinced but leaving Kaceey not convinced and waiting for it to go somewhere. We had a good laugh over that one.

To sum it all up it was a gripping, fast-paced, and an enjoyable read with a perfectly paced satisfying ending that didn’t feel rushed. Would recommend!!




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  1. I’m glad you all enjoyed this! I am a long-time online acquaintance of Lisa Regan and have read and reviewed all 5 of her books when I had my blog. Her stand-alone, Aberration, used to be my favorite but this one either ties or is even better 🙂 Had fun reading your thoughts!

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    1. Thank you, Rita! That’s so wonderful. I will have to look at her other books. I remember seeing your review and getting really excited and impatient waiting for this one to come on NG


  2. Fantastic review sisters!!! Loved how we included our first review on Finding Claire Fletcher with this! This was an excellent book and a fabulous reading experience!! 🙂

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    1. This is such a good series, Melisa! Have you read Finding Claire Fletcher? I think you will really enjoy this! 🙂

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      1. I am not really a series reader but I do have a few series that I have started and have seen it through to the end or the current book. This series is so worth it. There are only two….I am hoping for more!
        So many series!!!!! lol

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