Traveling Sisters Review: The Lightkeeper’s Daughters by Jean E. Pendziwol

The Lightkeeper's DaughtersThe Lightkeeper’s Daughters by Jean E. Pendziwol

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I read The Lightkeeper’s Daughters with six of my Traveling Sisters. This was a first sister read for two of our sisters and I am so happy this turned out to be such a special reading experience for their first read. We all really enjoyed this beautifully written book and as one sister said it was such a huggable book that she tucked it under her pillow so she could cuddle it.

I am going to warn you now I am going to continue gushing over how beautifully wonderful this book is and the brilliant discussion it brought to this sister read. The discussions that this story brought out is my favorite kind of discussion. The kind where we dig deep into the writing, the story and the characters and share our insight to them both. Such great and wonderful insight from this smart and insightful sisters of mine.

The Lightkeeper’s Daughters is a captivating, elegant, complex and well-written story and one that a sister called it a force of nature that has us totally immersed in this captivating story of love and deception.

The story is told through the perspectives of two unlikely characters who are not so unlikely and it goes back and forth from the past and the present. Jean E. Pendziwol does a fantastic job weaving their stories together. We were right away drawn into these strong and interesting characters and their relationship to each other as we are shown how a complex web of secrets are unraveled. The characters are so well-done and we came to really care about them and they brought out a few emotions that we shared with each other. We all love the strong sister bond between two of the characters and we could feel their love, commitment and unspoken understanding of each other that bonded them together.

We all really appreciated all the research Jean E. Pendziwol put into this story and so vividly gave us such a wonderful sense of place. We could visualize the lighthouse and the lake and it gave a good sense of how isolated it must have been. Through our discussion we found out a few of us have a fascination for lighthouses and one sister shared a very special story with us involving a lighthouse.

Jean E. Pendziwol does a wonderful and refreshing job of portraying Morgan’s foster parents and home. It was so nice to see a different side to foster homes and it brought out a nice warm boast to the story.

We shared a couple quotes from the story and I will leave you with one of our favorites.

“At some point, we all ask ourselves, Who am I?, it’s not about who you are or who you were, it’s about who you can be”

I will leave this review with one of my favorite thoughts from a sister “Could you imagine what life would be like if we loved all books this much!”

Thank you, Jean E. Pendziwol for making me and my sisters ultra-happy sisters with this reading experience. We highly recommend!

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  1. FABULOUS review Brenda!! This is at the top of my 2017 Favourites list! Loved reading it with you and the lovely ladies! xo


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