Watching Glass Shatter by James J. Cudney @jamescudney4 #travelingsistersread #BookReview

Watching Glass ShatterWatching Glass Shatter by James J. Cudney

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Traveling Sister Review by Brenda and Norma with Kaceey, Lindsay, Susanne and Marialyce

We read Watching Glass Shatter with four of our Traveling Sisters and we have prepared a combined Traveling Sisters Read Review, which is our signature review for our blog.

Watching Glass Shatter is an interesting, witty, heartwarming but yet a heartbreaking family drama that explores many family secrets within the Glass family and the familial relationships between mothers and sons. It has quite the intriguing mystery within the storyline which added some suspense to the story for us.

James J. Cudney does a fantastic job creating realistic characters with their own unique stories giving his characters a lot of heart and a down to earth feel. There is a lot of family drama going on within this family drama story and at times felt like it was a tad bit over the top. James does a great job separating the characters into their own chapters and giving them strong distinct voices and each with their own secrets. Each chapter ends with a cliff-hanger keeping us interested and engaged.

We all absolutely loved the humor that James brought to the story and had us laughing out loud a few times. At times we felt there was little witty theatrics going on and that added some warmth and laughter to the story for us.

Olivia brought out some strong feelings and reactions from us. We felt anger, sad, hopeful, and respect for her as we saw her perspective changing towards her sons throughout this story. We felt most of our discussion had us thinking and discussing Mother’s and their relationships with their sons and this opened up quite the discussion amongst ourselves.

What a clever title for this book as the Glass family’s life was shattered after the sudden death of Olivia’s husband. Through her perseverance, by getting to know her sons again she began to piece her family back together giving us a clear picture in our minds of the glass shattering. Brilliant James!

Thank you so much to James J. Cudney for providing us a copy to read in exchange for a review.


23 thoughts on “Watching Glass Shatter by James J. Cudney @jamescudney4 #travelingsistersread #BookReview”

  1. Hi. I am grateful to you for taking a chance on reading my debut book. I appreciate the generous words and rating. To think you all were interested and willing to take a risk on someone you’d only known from reading his book reviews and blog, and make it a sister’s read, is amazing. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thank you.

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  2. Beautiful review… Now ask James some tough questions as an interview and don’t allow him to skip any answers… He is a cutie pie as a person. And I am kind of stalking him and don’t worry, he knows I am his fan-girl

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      1. No ways… Now you are a published author, you have to talk more to get more publicity for more promotions…
        Oh man, what am I saying… There are going to be pages of your interview 😡😡🀣🀣

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      2. On a serious note, Jay you were fabulous on the radio interview, cool calm and collected.
        And I love reading through your answers in all the interviews. All your friends in the blogging world are really sweet and they have worked so hard to make your book a success.
        The fact that this phenomenon is happening has already made you a success. My grandfather used to say money and fame will come when they have to come. But the real success is when you have so much goodwill amongst people, especially those who haven’t really seen you, so that makes you a success and a great human being… What more could any of us want??? Good luck Jay always and forever

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