Friend Request by Laura Marshall

Friend RequestFriend Request by Laura Marshall

FRIEND REQUEST by LAURA MARSHALL is a creepy, gripping, shocking, suspenseful, and a clever psychological thriller novel that kept us on the edge of our seat throughout this whole book. We all found the social media aspect of this novel quite clever and it added a scary and spine tingly feeling for us as we read this story.

When our main character, Louise receives a heart-stopping Facebook “friend request” from a former school friend that died 25 years ago it quickly brings out some long-buried memories and some dark secrets that could change everything for her in the present. She is haunted by some of her past choices and as her past catches up with her we really could feel her desperation and angst.

LAURA MARSHALL delivers an intriguing, well-thought-out and well-written read here that alternates between present day 2016 and the past from 1989.  We also hear from an unknown narrator which added some suspense and mystery to the storyline.  We all really enjoyed the voice of this unknown narrator and liked discussing and guessing who we thought it might be.

Although, this story didn’t grab some of us at first because of the mean girl stuff going on within the storyline we did appreciate the different perspectives from being a mean girl and someone who is targeted by a mean girl.  As the story progresses though it definitely picks up when more of the mystery within reveals itself and then it is less about mean girls.

We didn’t think the plot was all that unique with the mean girls, bullying, etc. but the social media aspect definitely was which added a scary unsettling feeling to it. We all absolutely loved the ending and none of us saw any of those great twists coming.

This book had us guessing right from the very start and we had a few out there interesting theories adding some laughter to our discussion. Would highly recommend!

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  1. Mean girls so I tend to avoid books with that theme, are a trigger for me but your review is so excellent it makes me wish I had read it with you! 😊

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