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If I Die TonightIf I Die Tonight by Alison Gaylin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was lost in the deep slopes of the craggy coulee with two of my Traveling Sisters reading I Die Tonight and we settled in amongst the rocky edges with each of our reading pillows that soon had us on our toes guessing and discussing the path of this clever and engaging mystery. I Die Tonight is stand-alone by Alison Gaylin and was our first book that we have read by her and won’t be our last.

I Die Tonight is a tightly plotted multi-layered character-driven mystery that explores secrets, family ties and the length we go to protect ourselves and the ones we love. The story started off a little slow for us in the beginning as we get to know these well-developed characters and start to piece together the layers of this mystery that had us guessing and discussing right to the end.

Alison Gaylin does a good job creating flawed characters with something to hide or secrets that they want to keep hidden. We grew to love complicated Pearl with her personal demons and secrets she would like to keep buried and protective mother Jackie who fights to protect her son from the gossip around a tragic event that has exploded into small-town gossip and the damage of social media. Jackie’s strength and faith in her son is tested and along with her, we started to question her loyalty to her son. Both characters are very strong and different female characters connected to that tragic night and seeking the truth to this layered and well-plotted story.

I found the social media part of the story to be fascinating and really like how Alison Gaylin showed us a realistic look at how quickly gossip can become the truth in a small town that left me feeling chilled and a little unsettled.

I now have What Remains of Me on my radar for a future Sister Read and look forward to more from Alison Gaylin. I highly recommend for readers who like a well-written character driven mystery.

Thank you Edelweiss, William Morrow and Alison Gaylin for a copy of this title to read and review.


Kaceey’s Review

This was my first read from Alison Grayson (though I own 3 of her others). What an unexpected surprise.  Why haven’t I picked up one of her other books till now!?

 Jackie is doing her best to raise two teenage sons on her own. And lately she feels like she knows them less and less. But come on…what teens aren’tdistant and mysterious to their parents?

So when tragedy pays a visit to the small town they live in, her world is rocked as all eyes turn to one of her boys. Surely it’s a huge misunderstanding. Could he really be guilty of the crimes everyone is accusing him of? Can she save him?

 This book started out with a bang and I was quickly pulled in. At one point, (half-way) I felt that it started to drag a bit. But no worries – that quickly turned around. I found myself racing to the end to see how this was all going to play out.

I was drawn to all the characters from Jackie to her sons, even the local police. Each had a strong voice and enough depth to separate one character from another. (Love that!)

 The final third of this book had me riding a rollercoaster of emotion. I was sad, frightened, shocked…and happy. Yes, all thriller fans, there are some fabulous moments in this one to keep you on your toes. Highly recommend!!

 I will definitely be reaching into my bookshelf to read more from this author!

Thank you Edelweiss, William Morrow and Alison Gaylin for a copy of this title to read and review.


3 thoughts on “If I Die Tonight by Alison Gaylin @alisongaylin @WmMorrowBooks #BookReview #travelingsistersread

  1. Lindsay says:

    Glad this was a good one Sisters!! Fantastic reviews! 😘

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  2. Holly B / Dressedtoread says:

    Sounds like a good one ladies!

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  3. Ann Marie says:

    Sounds great. Love the cover and title!

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