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Baby TeethBaby Teeth by Zoje Stage

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Norma’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Disturbingly Good and Twisted Stars to BABY TEETH!

Why I wanted to read this one……This book was a Traveling Sisters Group Read that I missed out on reading and with the so many strong reactions and thoughts towards this book I just knew that I had to read it! I don’t think I have ever been so interested in finding out what my thoughts would be over a book like I was with this one.

So what did I think…….Well, I quite enjoyed it! Now there were a few scenes intended to shock the reader which I think would definitely make this book not an enjoyable read for some but, for this reader to be totally honest once I read those scenes they were totally forgotten. Until, after finishing the book and then discussing it with Brenda then I was like oh right, I forgot all about those scenes. I was just so entertained in how devious and manipulative Hanna was towards her mother, Suzette that I really needed to know how this story would play out. When I wasn’t reading this book, I was thinking about it.

BABY TEETH by ZOJE STAGE is a disturbing, uncomfortable, and downright creepy tale about a 7-year-old girl named Hanna that wants her Daddy all to herself but her Mommy (Suzette) stands in her way of her happily ever after.

ZOJE STAGE delivers quite the chilling tale here that was well-written with an easy to read writing style to make this quite the fast-paced read. The story is told in alternating voices and perspectives between Suzette and Hanna, I enjoyed both of their perspectives equally. The things that Hanna was capable of was downright diabolical and creepy!

What I didn’t like…..The only thing that I questioned here though was if a seven-year-old was actually capable of doing some of the acts that she did in this book.

I was totally immersed in this tale and found it quite the entertaining and enjoyable read but I do understand that this book will not be for everyone so with that I recommend with caution. If you love a good horror or a dark psychological thriller you should really enjoy this one though! I know I do and did!

Publication Date: July 17, 2018

Thank you so much to NetGalley, Zoje Stage, and St. Martin’s Press for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book.


Baby TeethBaby Teeth by Zoje Stage

Brenda’s rating: 3 of 5 stars

Reading Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage was a whole different experience in the coulee for me. So my review for this one is going to be a bit different too. I really don’t know what coulee I ended up in with this very different book from any that I have ever read before.

Baby Teeth is a dark domestic suspense that I recommend with caution. It’s bold and daring, unnerving, disturbing and an unsettling read. It could have you turning those pages as fast as you can or you could be closing the book as fast as you can. Or maybe even turning those pages as fast as you can and wish you would have closed the book when you had a chance.

For me, I was turning those pages as fast as I could but I struggled with things just not adding up or working for me. My biggest concern with this story was with Hannah’s age and I just took everything really lightly with this story because she seemed just too young for this story to work for me. It wasn’t that dark to me. I just tried to go with it and put some of those nagging thoughts aside and enjoy the shocking reveals and twists to this story. Overall I enjoyed Baby Teeth but it did leave me with not too much to say.

Publication Date July 17, 2018

Thank you to NetGalley, Zoje Stage, and St. Martin’s Press for a copy to read and review.

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  1. Same here! I kept telling myself that the age issue was because of the possible possession. It was the only way–to me–that she could do the things she was doing in the story, especially the big shocker in her room, if you know what I mean. I ended up giving it 4 stars because it had me on edge and I flew through it. Still wasn’t pleased with the ending though. Great review! Hope you guys love your next read. 💗

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    1. Thank you, Mischenko! I tried telling myself that too and yes I know what you mean. lol Oh, my that was a shocker. I think it’s quite interesting how we flew through this. It certainly had a pull to keep me turning those pages.

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    1. Thank you, Inge! I think if she would have been just a couple years older it would have worked better for me. I hope you get a chance to read it. I think it does have potential if you can get past the age.

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  2. Norma where were you when we were reading this book??? I could’ve used you!😉
    I pretty much had the exact same reaction to the book as you did💕 wonderful review! 🌹

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    1. I know, right!?! I wish I was reading this with you too and I was so disappointed that I missed out on the discussion for this one as yup I would have totally backed you up! lol
      Thank you so much! 🙂

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