Best Friends Forever by Margot Hunt

Best Friends ForeverBest Friends Forever by Margot Hunt

Norma’s review

Whoa! What an ending!!!

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER by MARGOT HUNT is an intriguing, enjoyable, fast-paced, and intense psychological thriller that had me totally engaged and interested right from the very first page. I was totally immersed in this tale about the relationship between two best friends and the suspicious death of one of their husbands. I had fun trying to figure out what was going on here with what was real and what wasn’t with their friendship.

MARGOT HUNT delivers a well-written, suspenseful, and interesting story here with some surprising twists and turns along the way to make this quite the exciting book to read. The story is told solely from Alice’s point of view which flips back and forth between the present and three years prior when she first meets her best friend, Kat.

To sum it all up it was an entertaining, enjoyable, quick and easy read that was extremely hard to put down with an ending that will surprise you! Would recommend!


Brenda’s Traveling Sister Review

Best Friends Forever is a cleverly written entertaining story that explores just how well two best friends really know each other. We stuck quite close together in our coulee and were just a little afraid of our two unlikable best friends forever here with our main characters. We were suspicious and questioning who to believe and who to trust or not to trust.

Margot Hunt does a fantastic job creating well-developed unreliable characters here with our main characters Alice and Kat. They are both interesting and unique and lived very differently from each other, adding some layers to the story. At different times we were suspicious of each character and some us flipped back and forth on who we trusted and didn’t trust, making this a fun and entertaining read for us.

In the end one of was feeling a little bit disappointed for figuring this one out and the rest of us shocked with the outcome of this story. We highly recommend.


Kaceey’s Review

A debut thriller from Margot Hunt delivers a twisty treat!

Alicia and Kat have been the best of friends for the past 3 years. Long lunches over bottles of wine, topped off with sunny beach vacations away from their spouses. When tragedy strikes and Kat’s husband dies that friendship is put to the test. How well do you really know your friends? Can you trust them when things are darkest and everything is at stake?

Told in present and past timelines through Alice’s POV. From their first meeting in an airport lounge to the present, where the police are circling, in search for a suspect.

This is a super-fast read that kept me engaged straight through. My only issue with this book was I constantly felt one step ahead, easily deducing where the story was going, predicting each twist before it happened. Sometimes I wish I could just go along for the ride instead of trying to predict every turn! Oh well…that’s just me! But at the end of the day, I still feel it’s a four-star read as that never took away from my enjoyment. I would recommend this book to all thriller lovers!

I will be looking out for Margot Hunt’s next release!


Susanne’s Review

Twisty, turny and completely captivating, “Best Friends Forever” by Margot Hunt is one heck of a debut that should not be missed.

Kat and Alice meet in an airport and become fast friends. These two women are from very different worlds: Kat is extremely wealthy, while Alice and her husband struggle to make ends meet. You’d think they have nothing in common, yet somehow these two women click. And just like they share absolutely everything, much to their husbands’ chagrin. Kat’s husband Howard is a difficult man, one who is not fond of Kat and Alice’s friendship. When he is found dead, Alice is arrested for his murder. Once she gets out, Alice tries to contact Kat to get help and is ghosted by her best friend. Sounds a little harsh to me don’t think?! Now Alice is left with a bunch of questions and so are we.

What starts as Alice being ignored by her best friend, leads to secrets coming out and every action being questioned. Do you ever really know your friends? Do Kat and Alice know each other? Alice always thought so.. Can you trust the person next to you? Asking that question gives me the chills. I hope it gives you some as well.

“Best Friends Forever” by Margot Hunt is an extremely well done character driven suspense novel that kept me glued to the story, turning pages as quickly as I possibly could. I highly recommend it to those looking for a quick, easy, enthralling read.

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