The Summer List by Amy Mason Doan #travelingsistersread


The Summer List
by Amy Mason Doan

Norma’s rating and review:  3.5 out of 5 stars

THE SUMMER LIST by AMY MASON DOAN is an interesting, charming and heartwarming story about the friendship between two childhood friends who had a falling out and then come together again in adulthood by the help of a scavenger hunt.  I was totally entranced and captivated with the storyline in the first half of this book, then the latter part lost my attention a little bit and seemed to drag but then came together again for me in the end.

AMY MASON DOAN delivers a multi-layered and complex story here with interesting and wonderful characters that were easy to connect with.  I really enjoyed how the two friends reconnected, the descriptive setting, the scavenger hunt, and the bond that these two friends had with one another.  The past and present timelines were seamlessly interwoven to make this a fun, entertaining, and easy summer read!


Brenda’s Traveling Sisters Review

3.5 Stars

Norma and I read The Summer List with two of our Traveling Sisters and two more joined us in our discussion.   We all started off very comfortable in our lush coulee looking over our calm and inviting lake (really there are no lakes in coulees)  however it sure felt like we were by a lake with the feel of this atmospheric setting Amy Mason Doan has created for us.

The Summer List started off as a tender and enduring story between two friends Laura and Casey and we really enjoyed some elements to this story.   The lazy summer on the lake, scenic small town, scavenger hunt and a secret to add some mystery to the story.

Amy Mason Doan takes us back to the friends teenage years and we really get a good feel for their bond and it brought back some memories of our past friendships for us.  We appreciated that she keeps the teen drama low and focuses on the bond here with our characters.

Things did start to go a little sideways for us and our sunny summer day turned a little dark for us when the pacing changed in the story for us.  Some of us were caught a little off guard with this one and some gloomy clouds had us hiding in our coulee. For our TS who joined us in our discussion, they enjoyed this one from start to finish.

With a few more weeks left in Summer, this makes for a great summer read but also with that descriptive atmosphere.  It also would make a great winter read to stir up some warmer summer memories. We recommend.

Thank you so much from both of us to NetGalley, Harlequin – Graydon House Books and Amy Mason Doan for the opportunity to read and review an advanced copy of this book.

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    1. Hi Laurie! Yes, it was a little slow midway through but it did pick up again in the end a little bit. It was our pleasure and thank you so much! 💕

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