The Lost for Words Bookshop by Stephanie Butland


The Lost for Words Bookshop by Stephanie Butland

Norma’s review & rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well what is better than reading a book that speaks to you like a book and has so many references of books that is so easily relatable to? THE LOST FOR WORDS BOOKSHOP!

THE LOST FOR WORDS BOOKSHOP by STEPHANIE BUTLAND is a wonderfully charming, light, moving, and endearing tale that is set in the greatest place ever, a bookshop.

Any books that have any indication that it is going to be about a bookstore or books, I’m in, no questions asked. They are by far one of my favourite settings! Also, I have to mention that beautiful cover!

STEPHANIE BUTLAND delivers an absolutely lovely, appealing, and well-written read here that was more character-driven than plot-driven with wonderful, relatable and likeable characters. Our quirky and snarky main character is Loveday (adorable name right?) and she is known to love her books more than people. My husband has accused me of that many a times! LOL

This isn’t a fast-paced read by no means, it’s slow-moving and might have lost me a few times but as we follow along Loveday’s journey and learning the mystery behind her traumatic past, I found myself totally intrigued and couldn’t help but fall in love and identify with Loveday’s character.

This book made me smile and was an absolute comfort for me to read! I truly enjoyed the escape into Loveday’s life and found this to be an entertaining, quick and easy read. Would recommend!

*~* This was a Sister Read that I read along with my dear friend, Kris. Thank you so much, Kris for reading and discussing this one with me. You made it that much more fun!

Thank you so much to NetGalley, St. Martin’s Press, and Stephanie Butland for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a review.


Kris’s review

*3.85 stars* <– (Don’t judge, book-nerd struggles are REAL)

A delicate rendering of heartache and forgiveness, and the healing power of a bookshop!

Give me a cozy bookshop setting, a quirky cast of sarcastic bibliophiles, and a shake of mystery to pepper my pages and I’ll be a happy reader every time.

LOST FOR WORDS was a lovely read, even if it wasn’t a particularly lively one. This author has a unique writing style that shines as though it’s been freshly polished—sophisticated, sharp, and witty without trying too hard.

Loveday, (cute name, right?) is quite a lovable, one-of-a kind protagonist. For reasons warranted she’s generally sad, but she has a quiet spunk that’ll make you smirk when you’re least expecting to.

Her defensive tone is almost perpetual and certainly predictable, and peeks through her internal chatter as though she suspects even the reader of judging her.

She’s fragile in a way that makes you want to hold her together, but straightforward and honest in a way that’ll make you wish you had a pinch of her gumption.

She tells her broken story directly to the reader, as though she considers you her confidant. She’s stronger than she feels, and her gradual character growth is both impressive and believable.

Loveday works at a bookshop—the owner, a kind older man who looks after Loveday, keeps her grounded and cared for. There’s a touching love story entwined that becomes a driving point, but doesn’t absorb all the focus. Heartache, forgiveness, and inner-strength remain at the core.

This plot moves slowly and sort of coasts in a soothing motion that felt akin to the gentle swaying of a boat—rocking over ripples with few waves in sight. There were moments I wanted more of a pulse and grew slightly tired, but the beautiful writing and heartwarming connections kept me afloat.

I appreciated and looked forward to the element of poetry, which was also a gentle but lovely addition. The fractured relationship between Loveday and her parents, along with its residual effects, was executed wonderfully and dominated the pages.

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    1. Thank you so much, Carla! This book did surprise me a little bit too but in a good way though! Loveday was such an awesome character! 🙂

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