Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris: Traveling Friends First Group Read Review #BookReview #travelingsistersread


Bring Me Back
by B.A. Paris

Brenda’s Traveling Friends Review

Bring Me Back is one of our first Traveling Friends Group Reads and what a great read this was. Norma read this one a while back with our Traveling Sisters but Lindsay and I buried in a coulee with other reads didn’t find our way out to read this one with them. There were some different views from the Traveling Sisters. It worked out great because this one made for a fantastic group read and discussion with our friends. A few friends who already read this one including Norma joined us in a coulee at the end to discuss this one making this one a fun and entertaining discussion.

Bring Me Back caught our attention right away and we were drawn right away into a coulee together not wanting to leave till we finished this easy and fast-paced story. Soon we were tossing around our theories while questioning everything and everyone.

B.A. Paris does a great job here creating some unlikable and unreliable characters here giving us a lot to chat about when it comes to them. We questioned them, were intrigued by them and annoyed by them. A few of us including Lindsay were left very proud of themselves for figuring out some things here with the story. Of course, I was not one of them.

Overall, the Traveling Friends were left in the same coulee with only one friend in a one by herself and another not too far away. They weren’t alone for long as they joined us, as we lingered and discussed this far-fetched story that Norma described best as a ridiculously entertaining and fun read.

B.A. Paris does have some fans here among us and many of us loved her previous books or want to read the ones we haven’t. I highly recommend this one to all readers for a super fun easy fast read that might just leave you a bit surprised at just how Paris weaves her magic by pulling into a far-fetched story and making it work.


Lindsay’s review

I have read every one of B.A. Paris’ books and have found each one compulsively readable.  There is something about her writing that sucks you in from the very first page and doesn’t let you go until you have read the last word (often leaving your jaw hitting the floor).   This book followed that magical formula of hers, leaving my hands feeling a desperate sense of empty when they weren’t holding this novel. Though I figured out a big plot twist at the end of Part 1, I still devoured this book, soaking up every word with curious anticipation of how things would work out in the end.

This novel follows forty one-year-old Finn, who lives with his girlfriend Ellen.  Over a decade prior, Finn’s then-girlfriend Layla (who happens to be Ellen’s sister) disappeared, never to be seen again.   The pain of losing Layla has haunted Finn every day since her disappearance. This is a quick and addictive read that I highly recommend!

Thank you from both of us to Netgalley, St. Martin’s Press and B.A. Paris for our copies to read and review.


Norma’s Review

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