Believe Me by J.P. Delaney #BookReview #travelingsistersread


Believe Me
by J.P. Delaney

Brenda’s Traveling Sister Group Review

One group / Two Coulees

Believe me, I wasn’t believing anything here. (I took this idea from Debra) We are Traveling Sisters we can do that. lol

I was lost in a coulee reading Believe Me with five of my Traveling Sisters and we ended up in two very different coulees with the way we felt about this one. Four of my TS really enjoyed this one and one other TS and I just couldn’t suspend disbelief enough to enjoy this one.

There is some depth here to make this an interesting and intriguing read and a few elements to the story that makes this a uniquely written story. However, for me, it went just a little too far and really tested my ability to suspend that disbelief and in the end, I lost my struggle to do so and I couldn’t wait to jump out of that Coulee. I must admit I get really disappointed with myself when I am unable to suspend that disbelief and just enjoy the story.

Anyways enough about me let’s talk about what the TS thought. They really enjoyed this fast-paced entertaining story that took them on a wild ride through a coulee passing by me and my other sister while we sat grumpily by. They really were having way more fun than we were. They really liked the way the story was written in the form of a script and that really added to the story here with our main character Claire who was an actress. They thought Claire was an interesting character and enjoyed many things about her that I can’t say because you need to find out by reading it.

I recommend this one to readers who are looking for a fast-paced interesting and unique story that you will need to suspend one’s disbelief to really enjoy this story.

Thank you to Edelweiss, Random House-Ballantine and J.P. Delaney for my copy to read and review.