Join The Traveling Book Bloggers and links that caught your eye!

Is there a link that caught your eye recently you would like to share or if you are a Book Blogger would you like to be part of a new group Norma and I are starting, The Traveling Book Bloggers?

Since a big part of what Norma and I do is bringing people together and sharing our love of reading and because my mind never stops coming up with new ideas.  I think I just now figuring out why I am so tired at night and fall asleep reading. lol.  Norma and I have decided to start a weekly post sharing your reviews as bloggers and we are calling it The Traveling Bloggers.

You can be part of the Traveling Book Bloggers in two ways.   All you need to do is let us know below by adding your link to your blog in the comment section below and Norma and I will pick a review that caught our eye from your blog and do a weekly post sharing links.  Or you can add a link in the comment section to a post that caught your eye and we will add it to our weekly post. At the end of the week, we will do a new post updating the new links to the post that caught our eye from your blog and links that caught your eye.

Please don’t be shy, we love to share and I think I have become a little obsessed with it.  We look forward to future links to share.  To keep the love going at the end of the week please reblog, like or tweet our post with the links.  That will leave Norma and I dancing in a Coulee.

Thank you in advance for participating in The Traveling Book Bloggers. We look forward to reading and sharing many posts to come.



20 thoughts on “Join The Traveling Book Bloggers and links that caught your eye!”

      1. I don’t normally check the spam but for some reason, I just clicked on in and there was a couple comment. Guess we need to check more often. I wonder why they go there. I follow you!

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  1. I love this idea! I would love to join in the fun. My blog is I will keep my eyes open for a post from my fellow bloggers too.

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    1. I am so glad to see in join in Scarlet!, thank you!! I am so glad to see you think this is a good idea! I do too!!!


    1. Thank you for sharing a link to a review that caught your eye, Lindsay. I will add Marialyce’s review to the post!


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