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We are just now joining in on the Top Ten Tuesday and this is our first post.  This week’s Top Ten topic Favourite Book Blogs/Bookish Websites.

Of course, when I saw this topic I knew I had to join in.  Norma and I have a love for sharing and a big part of our blog is sharing reviews and links to our Traveling Sisters reviews.  We recently have started a weekly post to share links to bloggers reviews.

We have so many favorite blogs we follow so this is tough to pick our top ten but here we go here with some of our Top Ten Favourite Book Blogs/Bookish Websites.

I just love Danielle’s discussion posts at Books Vertigo and Tea.  I have learned so much about blogging from her discussion posts.  Her posts are interesting and spark some great discussions.

I love the look of Carol’s blog Bookaria and love the photos of the books she adds.   Her blog is so bright and inviting to read her great reviews.  Carol is a Traveling Sister.

Ann Marie at Lit Wit Wine Dine  We really enjoy Anne Marie’s style of blogging and enjoy reading her posts.  She makes us smile with the energy her blog radiates.

We love reading Nicki’s memes at Secret Library Book Blog  She posts a few of my favorite posts like Links I’ve Enjoyed this Week, WWW Wednesdays and I love reading her reviews.

Lynne at Fictionophile was one of the first bloggers we started following and who first started supporting us.  Norma and I had no idea what we were doing or what we should be doing to grow our blog.  It was so nice to see all those likes on our posts from Lynne.  It took us a bit to figure out we wanted to grow our blog by connecting with bloggers.  We are a little slow sometimes.  lol Lynne reviews crime fiction, author interviews, mystery series, cover, love, bookish thoughts…

Carla at Carla Loves To Read.  I can’t even begin to say how many times Carla has brightened our day with all her likes and comments on our blog.  Her reviews are fun and exciting.  She reviews many different types of genres from children books to Thrillers.

Deanna at Dee’s Rad Reads and Reviews was one of the first friends on Goodreads we connected and interacted with and she was one of the first bloggers to inspire Norma to start a new blog.  We always enjoy reading all Deanna’s posts.  She has some variety to the posts she does and mostly gravitates to reviewing Thrillers.

Marija at Inside My Library Mind We really like her style and find her posts and blogs very interesting. She mainly reads Literary fiction and Fantasy.

We always look forward to Tina’s posts from Reading Between The Pages and love her reviews.  She always makes us smile with all her support and sharing she does. She mostly reviews mystery/thrillers and historical fiction but will sprinkle in other genres in between.

Marialyce at Yaya_reads is a Traveling Sister and so many of her reviews are Traveling Sisters’ read.  We are excited to see more Favorite Book Blogs/Bookish Websites to add to our list of blogs to follow.  We hope you enjoy or will enjoy in the future some of our Favorite blogs.

So many bloggers we would like to add but we better stick to Ten and continue our Travels throughout our day!



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What We Finished

Sister of MineSister of Mine by Laurie Petrou

Norma and I read Sister of Mine with Mackenzie and Berit.  We all really enjoyed this story of two sisters.  It seemed like the perfect book for Norma and I.  Norma has often referred to me as “That Sister of Mine”.  Now our relationship is nothing like this complicated relationship between these sisters though.  We are boring compared to them.


We all thought this was a fast-paced, entertaining, and easy read that focused more on the suspense and these characters to move this well-written story forward.


We recommend to everyone looking for some good storytelling that doesn’t rely on any shocking twists to make for an interesting and fun story.

Our New Overall Review Rating Scale (broken down with a rating for each category)

5 out of 5 for a safe, easy, quick, and light read with a little bit of darkness

4 out of 5 for depth and complexity

4 out of 5 for character development

5 out of 5 for a well-written suspenseful story

Our reviews

Mackenzie’s review

Our HouseOur House by Louise Candlish

I read Our House with seven of my Traveling Sisters and we were split on how we felt about this one.


Some of us really enjoyed the unique premise of this story and really enjoyed the twists to this one.  The rest of us found it a bit slow and some actions of the character just didn’t add up for them.


I recommend this Domestic Suspense Thriller to readers who are looking for a safer yet different angle to a thriller with a touch of drama.

Overall Review Rating Scale 

5 out of 5 for a safe, easy, quick, and light read 

4 out of 5 for depth and complexity

4 out of 5 for character development

 Brenda and Lindsay’s review

Our Traveling blogger Sisters

Debra’s review

Carol’s review

Our Traveling Sisters reviews on Goodreads


Our Homesick SongsOur Homesick Songs by Emma Hooper

Lindsay and I read Our Homesick Songs with three of our Traveling Sisters. Reading this one together and discussing it really enhanced our reading experience.


Overall, we all really enjoyed this unique, slow-paced, magical and charming story.  It does take some patience and focus to appreciate the magic and charm to this story.  For Lindsay, she struggled with connecting to the atmosphere of the story and the way the story was written.  It made it hard for her to connect to the story.


I recommend to readers looking for something different here in a story where the focus is on connecting with the characters through the setting and the elements to the story.

Brenda and Christina’s review

Marialyce’s review

Diane’s review on Goodreads

Something in the WaterSomething in the Water by Catherine Steadman

Norma read Something in the Water with eight of our Traveling Friends and there were definitely some different views here on this story. This one made for a very interesting discussion and there were a few different views discussed.


Even though Something in The Water left a few friends rating this one lower, it really made for a fun and interesting group read.  We highly recommend for reading groups.  There is a lot going on here with this one to discuss.

Overall Review Rating Scale 

4 out of 5 for a safe, easy, quick, and light read with a little bit of darkness

4 out of 5 for depth and complexity

3 out of 5 for character development

 Norma’s Review

For our Traveling Sisters’ reviews on Goodreads:

Kaceey  Rose

Leave No TraceLeave No Trace by Mindy Mejia

Norma read Leave No Trace on her own this week because there were a few books that we were reading that she didn’t have.  So she snuck in a couple of books from her NetGalley shelf.


Norma read Mindy Mejia’s first novel Everything You Want Me To Be and really enjoyed it so she was happy to dive into Leave No Trace.  She found it to have an enjoyable and suspenseful storyline with a captivating setting and characters.


Anyone who enjoys an unputdownable psychological thriller with well-developed characters and a unique premise but you will need to be able to suspend disbelief here though.

Overall Review Rating Scale 

5 out of 5 for an easy, quick, and light read with a little bit of darkness

4 out of 5 for depth and complexity

4 out of 5 for character development

3 out of 5 for believability

Norma’s Review

Harry's TreesHarry’s Trees by Jon Cohen

Harry’s Trees is another one that Norma read on her own this week.


Norma was totally lost in the imagery of this endearing, fabulously and magically written novel!


Anyone who enjoys a magical story with a bit of a fairy tale incorporated into it but with a strong dose of reality.

Overall Review Rating Scale 

5 out of 5 for a safe, easy, quick, and light read with a little bit of darkness

5 out of 5 for depth and complexity

5 out of 5 for character development

Norma’s Review

What we have starting this week:

Not Her DaughterNot Her Daughter by Rea Frey





The Air You BreatheThe Air You Breathe by Frances de Pontes Peebles





The Word Is MurderThe Word Is Murder by Anthony Horowitz

Our Homesick Songs by Emma Hooper #travelingsistersread #BookReview


Our Homesick Songs
by Emma Hooper

Brenda’s review

Lindsay and I read Our Homesick Songs with three of our Traveling Sisters and we all ended up in the same coulee with this one except for Lindsay who was left feeling this was not the right choice for her.

I instantly connected to the setting in this story as I am Canadian and familiar with both settings in this story. I love the feeling I got while reading this story and it reminded me of that haunting and mysterious the sea can be and I often wonder what secrets it holds. In this story, one of the secrets the sea holds is the mystery to the fish that disappear leaving a small town devastated and desperate as they are left with no industry.

There are some connections to some Canadian history here. In 1992 there was a collapse in the cod fishing industry and Canada declared a moratorium, ending the region’s 500-year run with the Northern Cod due to overfishing. This left the fishing industry and communities devastated.

There is something mystical and charming to this story that had us loving how the music, atmosphere, and environment came to life and became like characters for us.

This is a slow paced story that might not be for every reader. The story is told in a such a lyrical way and there is no quotation. For Lindsay, she struggled with connecting to the characters and this story.

I recommend to readers looking for something different here in a story where the focus is on connecting with the characters through the setting and the elements to the story

Thank you to NetGalley, Simon & Schuster and Emma Hooper for a copy to read and review.


Christina’s review

This is the story of a family: Aiden, Martha and their children Cora and Finn and the dying fishing town of Big Running. As the town and fishing situation grows more desperate Aiden and Martha are forced to work inland and away from their children in alternating months. Their love for their town and their family never wavers, but the distance grows difficult for everyone.

Finn, the youngest child, feels desperate for his home and for his family. As houses are abandoned, neighbors move away and life as he knows it crumbles beneath him this desperation only grows. Finn seeks solace in his accordion teacher Mrs.Callaghan’s stories, songs and tales.

This novel is steeped in magical realism, lyrical writing and quiet contemplation. Vivid detail and attention is given to the environment of Big Running. At first, I struggled to connect to this story and these characters but as I read on I realized I’d gotten the entire thing wrong. Aiden, Martha, Cora and Finn weren’t the characters we were supposed to be connecting to. Hooper was much too clever for that – the environment, the town, hope and desperation were the characters driving this story.

Music plays an incredible role here and that is evident not only in writing style but in the content of the story. There are songs that date back centuries for this village that are discussed and contemplated over. These are melancholy songs, happy songs, sad songs, songs for lost loved ones, lost hopes and found dreams – they are homesick songs.

Because everyone did. Everyone believed, everyone knew, that mermaids were the sea-dead, singing their love back to you. If it wasn’t too loud with rain or waves, you could hear them in the wind, most nights.

This switches between two time periods – the “present” (what we are given as to be happening now, but is actually 1993) and the past showing us the backstory of Martha and Aiden. I found their love story to be effortlessly charming and heartwarming. I really enjoyed being a part of their struggles and triumphs and that proposal! *swooning*

In the end, this loses 1.5 stars for me because the stylistic choices Hooper made were not my personal favorite. The conversations were a bit choppy for me and there was not a lot of distinguishing between conversation and story progression. It was a very simplistic style format that didn’t speak to me personally, but I think could appeal to someone who maybe has a bit more literary prowess than I do!

While there were some things that weren’t my personal cup of tea and family sagas are not normally what I’m drawn to I think anyone with an appreciation for language would enjoy this.

Finn lifted his accordion and stepped into the water, feet cold on wet stone. He walked out through the low waves and the others followed until they were all up to their knees. OK, said Finn,

and he took a deep breath

and Aiden took a deep breath

and Martha held out the phone

and Sophie lifted her beater

and Richard put his mouth to his horn

and Mrs.Callaghan pulled open her bellows

and Cora lifted her bow

and the stars shone down

and the green lights shone up

and the flags pulled and pulled in the wind

and all around them in the water,

the water,

the water

was dark and empty and waiting.


Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this ARC.

Have you read Our Homesick Songs?  Have we convinced you to add it to your list?  We would love to hear from you!  Drop us a comment!