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Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance by Ruth Emmie Lang

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Review by Norma

This was a Traveling Friends read that I almost missed participating in as I didn’t have myself a copy of this book but after popping into the first goal thread I knew that I had to rectify that immediately. The words magic, whimsical, and mysterious are definitely elements that I am attracted to so on my way to Amazon I went.

BEASTS OF EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCE by RUTH EMMIE LANG is an engaging, charming, heartwarming, and a mesmerizing tale that gave me such a warm and serene feeling while I was reading this book. I was totally entranced in this tale right from the very beginning which is about a young boy named Weylyn who was raised by wolves.

RUTH EMMIE LANG delivers an absolutely beautifully written, appealing, and magical read here with a storyline that will bewitch you and enchanting characters that you won’t soon forget. Weylyn by far was such a special, endearing, and the most wonderful character that I have ever come across in a book. His innocence and sweet demeanour was so adorable and truly extraordinary.

The way that we got to know Weylyn through the stories of everyone that he encountered throughout his life was such a clever and heartfelt way to truly and wholeheartedly embrace this character.

The magical realism of this novel wasn’t really explained to us in too much depth and I would have liked that to have been explored a little bit more. But, with that being said I do absolutely believe that leaving us with a little bit of mystery and wonderment to the circumstances surrounding Weylyn’s extraordinary life was quite the clever and brilliant way to end this story.

I was truly entertained & thoroughly enjoyed escaping into Weylyn’s extraordinary life every time I held this book in my hands! Would highly recommend!

* Traveling Friends Read and a special thank you to my dear friend Kris for helping me figure out what made this book so mysteriously extraordinary!

Kristin’s Review

Beautifully written with tons of magic and heart!

This story was a warm hug and made me want to step out into nature and embrace all its magic and natural wonders.

From the second we meet Weylyn we can tell he’s different, but his distinct peculiarities are what make him special. He can somehow summon the power to alter weather conditions and has the unique ability to communicate with animals. Having lost his parents at a young age, Weylyn ended up being raised by wolves and has a potent connection with nature.

As one would expect, this sort of lifestyle leaves Weylyn highly undomesticated, but in the most endearing way imaginable. There’s not a chance your heart won’t warm to his genuine innocence.

His unique character is humble and kind, and he doesn’t put on a show even though he’s quite capable of one.

This book is written in a good old-fashioned storytelling kind of style; a true “Once Upon A Time” tale that will make you abandon all suspicion and grab hold of your belief in magic and endless possibility—something that comes so easily in our youth.

The plot is delivered in first person narratives and just about every major character gets a turn at their own perspective. We get inside everyone’s mind and learn how each of them views the curious case of Weylyn.

With all of these incredible ideas at play, I felt that some more depth would have helped to back them up, and I sometimes wished the story dug a bit deeper into the mystery behind the magic.

However, even that didn’t cause the story to feel like it was “lacking”—but as though a bit more could have been added. And, as my good friend Norma pointed out, not every mystery is meant to be solved.

This was a gentle read, and certainly a fantastic one, with expert prose and breathtaking imagery, and I’d highly recommend to fans of magical realism and great storytelling!

Book Stats:
▪ Genre/Category: Magical Realism/ Fantasy
▪ Characters: Solid, well-constructed cast of lovable characters.
▪ Plot: Spans decades, following a young orphaned boy with certain magical “powers” into adulthood, spanning decades.
▪ Writing: Vivid and imaginative. Beautiful descriptions.
▪ POV: 1st Person Perspective: Various narrators.
▪ Cliffhanger: None. Standalone

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  1. So excited for this one! Love the reviews as well 🙂 I put a request into my library when I saw all the traveling sister reviews and how everyone was loving it!

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    1. Oh it was so good Christina! I’m so excited for you to read it and thank you so much! 😊

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