Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee, Welcome our Traveling Sister, Lindsay to our Blog! #travelingsistersread #travelingfriendsread #thetravelingbloggers

You are going to be seeing a little more from Lindsay from now on!  She is absolutely thrilled and so excited to be joining our blog and the blogging community.

It has happened Brenda has stretched herself thin and has fallen in a coulee dragging Norma with her. We are buried in ARC’S and books that we just can’t get to.  It’s quite wonderful but life and family responsibilities do need us and we have to find our way out.

So on to the exciting part.  Lindsay our very first Traveling Sister and whose’s reviews you see quite regularly on this blog has crossed over the coulee and has officially joined the Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee blog. Some of you will see her around the community as L Lostinacoulee and you will also see more of her presence here on the blog.

We want to welcome Lindsay officially to our blog and we are so excited to be working more closely with you – on what we love to do!  Thank you Lindsay for officially joining Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee!!