Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee has a New Look.

Over the weekend Norma and I decided to do a little work on our blog. In the process, I did a little whoops and I changed the theme of our blog.  That’s when Norma a little stressed with changing our theme came in and had to rescue us and a few hours later created our new look. We are curious as to what you all think.  What do you think of our new look?

We also decided since we have a new look maybe it’s time to officially introduce some of our Traveling Sisters to you all.  We are going to start off introducing some of our TS you have probably seen a bit here on our blog.

Most of you know Lindsay our very first Traveling Sister and whose’s reviews you have seen quite regularly on here and who has recently officially joined our blog.

You have also seen Kaceey and Susanne’s reviews here on our blog.  Kaceey was our second TS with Susanne soon after.  And then we started our TS reading group and have grown from there to about 20 active Traveling Sisters who read with us regularly.

We have shared some of Kristin’s reviews here on the blog as well and will be sharing many more of her reviews. She is going to start writing a bit more for our blog too soon. Kristin joined the TS a few months ago.   I have also shared Jan’s reviews.  Jan has been a TS right from the start and we have enjoyed many reads with her.  Recently Christina joined us and we just started posting some of her reviews.

We have shared many links to a few of our TS who have their own blogs and who also read with us regularly. Carol and Marialyce joined the TS soon after we started the group.  Debra joined the group a few months ago.

Carol from Bookaria

Marialyce from yaya_reads

Debra from Open Book Post

We will be introducing more of our TS as we continue on our Travels reading with our Traveling Sisters.

We have had an amazing first year reading with our Traveling Sisters and we look forward to reading and discussing so many more books with them.

What do you think of our new look? Drop us a comment!  We would love to hear from you all!

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