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The Wife by Alafair Burke

One Group  / Two Coulees

Norma read The Wife with nine of our Traveling Friends and they were split into two different coulees after finishing this one. Some of our friends were left excited including Norma with how this one ended and enjoyed the pace of this story.  The rest of our friends found it to be a little slow paced for them and didn’t really get too engaged in the story.

The very unlikable characters in this story, especially Jason brought a bit of discussion here for our friends.  This read made for a great group discussion and we highly recomennd to reading groups and thriller lovers.

Norma’s Review

Whoa! What an ending!!

THE WIFE by ALAFAIR BURKE was an extremely fun, enjoyable, twisty, and surprising psychological domestic thriller that started out a little bit slow for me, but once I grasped the focus of this story, I was totally intrigued and immersed in this tale.

ALAFAIR BURKE delivers a multi-layered, well-written, and suspenseful story here that was cleverly written with some perfectly timed twists and turns along the way to make this quite the satisfying book to read.

This book pretty much had all the elements that I seek in my thrillers which made this an all around GREAT reading experience for me!

To sum it all up it was an entertaining, compulsive, appealing, quick and easy read with an ending that will definitely surprise you! Would highly recommend!


Rose’s Review

A sleepy thriller with a tedious build-up but a shocking payoff!

“In a case of he-said, she-said, ‘she’ had just racked up one small point on her side of the board.”

Jason Powell is a famous economist who’s afforded his family a lavish Manhattan lifestyle through his books, lectures, and media appearances. Angela Powell is his faithful wife who sticks beside him as his fame grows and draws unwanted attention to their family unit, which includes 13-year-old Spencer. After two successful women accuse Jason of lurid behavior, Angela worries that her secret past will come to the surface. Things get even more tense when one of the accusers goes missing, and Angela must face the reality of Jason’s demons and her own.

This one is hard to dissect without spoiling, which is a plus, because it means that things end on an entirely different planet than where they start.The Wife had me doing mental gymnastics about which crimes are the most heinous, as well as whether I can personally justify the crimes someone commits based on the trauma they’ve experienced.

“…some part of Angela actually felt for the intern. She of all people knew what it was like for people to believe you can’t really be a victim if you’re ‘that kind of girl.'”

Burke was well-balanced in her treatment of feminism. There were strong female characters and weak ones. Some women felt pressure to support others out of solidarity, even when their gut was telling them not to. There was plenty of discourse about women’s rights and what constitutes assault without being heavy-handed or blaming the entire male race.

Mysteries fall flat to me when there’s either too much or too little about the justice procedure, so it’s a fine line. While The Wife had a nice blend of detective work and Angela’s narrative voice, it was still longer than necessary. A good portion of the book rotated between the cops driving somewhere, the lawyers waiting for updates, and Angela nervously skimming the web for news on her high-profile husband. The backstory is sprinkled throughout consistently, but there was too much in between.

However, when that backstory and the current timeline eventually collapsed on one another in the final chapters, things REALLY picked up. Some events were easier to predict than others, but it’s safe to say you won’t be able to see exactly where this thing is headed.

“She had proven over and over again…that she would run through fire to protect me. And that is probably why I had trusted her, as always, with the entire truth.”

While the prose itself isn’t very shiny or impressive, the characters are solidly crafted, and the climax was surprising enough to make the read well worth it. I read this with some wonderful ladies from the Traveling Friends group, which always makes reading a little more joyful!

From Kris’s Review

The writing style is straightforward and unembellished, but strong and clear and delivers this story well.

This isn’t a heart-pounding, race-to-the-finish experience, but a tame psychological voyage that entices you with its mystery and enchants you with its design.

Fans of the genre should certainly give this one a read when in the mood for a more humble thriller with mystery and mind play.

From Christina’s Review

The pacing of this novel was achingly slow for me. There was so much wasted time on police procedural drama that in the end didn’t particularly affect the outcome. I think this came from an effort to mislead the reader as the police were being misled but it fell short for me here. I think if Burke had cut down on that a bit this would’ve been a more well-rounded read.

A look inside our discussion

It was a real twister, done the right way. I loved the ironic ending, but I do hope Burke follows up on this one someday! Julie

I listened to this one and enjoyed the narrator’s performance. I loved this one, too, particularly that ending. Jonetta

This book was unexpected and had me at the edge of my seat. All those twists and turns added intrigue to the plot. And that ending? Shocking and oh so satisfying. Its one of my standout reads for 2018 so far. Stephanie 

Have you read this one?  What did you think?  Had you on the edge of your seat or aching slow for you?  If you haven’t read it, did we convince you to try and see which one he ended up feeling?  Drop us a comment!  We love to hear from you.

10 thoughts on “The Wife by Alafair Burke #travelingfriendsread #BookReview #bookbloggers”

  1. Fantastic reviews!!! I was sorry to miss out on this one. Too many amazing reads going on….I’ll get to this one someday (soon, I hope!). Wonder what coulee I’ll end up in…..

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  2. I really enjoyed this book. I had already read it or would have participated with the travelling sisters. Some interesting ideas in these reviews. Alafair Burke has become one of my go to authors.


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