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When the Lights Go Out by Mary Kubica

LC20-7Brenda’s review

Norma, Lindsay and I read When The Lights Go Out with three of our Traveling Sisters and this one made for such a great discussion for us.

We all were drawn in right away to the lives and struggles of our two main characters here with Jessie in the present dealing with insomnia and grief from losing her Mother Eden and in the past with Eden dealing with infertility issues that start to unravel her life.

When both women’s lives start to unravel they both become unreliable leaving us with so many questions as the suspense and tension increased.  We raced through the story as fast as we could, entertained and excited to get to that final reveal.  Well wow, that was an ending to talk about.  So many mounting questions and tension built up and that ending left some of us cheering in our coulee and for one sister she felt let down by that ending.

This is definitely one we recommend.  Whether that ending leaves you cheering or feeling let down, it’s guaranteed to provoke some kind of reaction from you.

img_6362Norma’s review

Having read all of Mary Kubica’s books to date and enjoyed them, I jumped at the chance of reading her latest, When the Lights Go Out. She is a go-to author of mine and always has me eagerly waiting for her next release.

I have seen some mixed reviews for this one and some not so favorable thoughts on that ending but for me that ending totally worked. I was tickled pink that Mary Kubica totally shocked and floored me with that unexpected ending! These types of books are what I seek and when little snippets of the mystery are hidden so well in the narrative, when the reveal comes and falls all into place, leaving me gasping out loud in awe, then I’m pretty much elated and totally satisfied.

WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT by MARY KUBICA is a riveting, suspenseful, and an emotionally gripping tale that had me totally glued to those pages and swiping at breakneck speed. I was immediately drawn into this story and totally intrigued in the storyline which had me totally bewildered pretty much right up to the very end.

MARY KUBICA delivers a clever, twisty, unpredictable and thought-provoking story here with well-developed and interesting characters told between Jessie’s perspective in present tense and Eden, Jessie’s mother in past tense. I enjoyed both of these characters perspectives equally and had empathy for both of them, especially Jessie as some things that Jessie endured with her insomnia was very relatable and scary for me to read. The path that Eden’s character chose wasn’t without some pondering on my part though.

LC20-5Lindsay’s review

Addictive.  Emotional. Gripping.  Tension-filled.

I’ve heard so many fantastic things about Mary Kubica.   This was my first experience reading her work and it definitely lived up to the hype!   

This story revolves around Jessie Sloane, a young woman who loses her mother to cancer after many exhausting years battling the disease.   Jessie feels alone in the world and needs to push herself to focus and move forward. While applying for college, Jessie stumbles across a mysterious detail from her past that she can’t understand or accept. She becomes solely focused on figuring out the missing pieces of her childhood hoping to get answers that will help her move forward in life.

This suspenseful and twisty thriller packed quite the punch!  Not only did this book have me sitting on the edge of my seat, hanging on every word, it had me an emotional wreck!  On one page I would be holding my breath in tension-filled anticipation of what would happen next, and then the next page had me with tears streaming down my face, broken-hearted at what the characters were facing.   Wow! This was a fantastic mix of perfection!

Thank you so much from all of us to NetGalley, Harlequin/Park Row, and Mary Kubica for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a review. 

From our Traveling Sisters reviews

LC20-12Marialyce’s review

Told in two concurrent voices, that of Eden’s and Jessie, this story confronts the issue of family love, the overwhelming desire for a child, and finding oneself among the chaos of life and its many problems. It is a sensitive story, one that is written about so well, by the author. At times, the two unreliable narrators of this story relate things that seem murky and at times some of the details are slightly unrealistic. However, I do recommend this book as a worthwhile read and one many will enjoy as you ponder the issues these two women faced.  For Marialyce’s full review

LC20-4Mackenzie’s review

And then that twist… Well it is polarizing for sure! When I first read it I was so confused. Was that…? Did I just read that…? But yes, dear reader! You did just read that correctly! I can promise that whatever I thought the twist would be, it wasn’t that one. But it was positively mind-blowing and I enjoyed it. And then the very ending was completely perfect for me. I can’t say even a bit more on that because there is NO way I’m spoiling this book. I hope you enjoy this one, book friends!  For Mackenzie’s full review

LC36-23From Bern’s review

Then, we get to the big reveal. I’m almost sorry to admit what a letdown it was for me.  I truly enjoyed the book – right up until the ending! Personally, it didn’t work for me but I will say it was unexpected and different. I just felt there was so much more potential for the ending. Given all the twists the book took, I was simply expecting a much juicer culmination to it all.

Publishing Date: September 4, 2018

Norma’s Stats: 
Cover: Intriguing and a fitting representation to the storyline.
Title: Love the title! Extremely fitting and brilliantly ties into the plot.
Writing/Prose: Well-written, beautiful and engaging
Plot: Interesting, held my attention, and a little different
Ending: Totally unexpected and shocking! But, maybe a little controversial but in my opinion fit the story well and ended just the way I wanted it to.
Overall: A fantastic and an all-consuming read! Would recommend but my advice is to go into this one blind as I did and always do.


Have you read this one?  Did it have you cheering or feeling let down?  Do you want to read it?  Drop us a comment!  We would love to hear from you!