Random Book Musings: So I know a lot of us read eBooks but what is your absolute favourite and least favourite book format? #travelingsistersread #BookBloggers

img_6638I always have these random bookish questions that I’m curious about so I ask our Traveling Sisters a weekly (sometimes more) book related question. We thought it would be fun and interesting to take some of those questions to our blog and see what you all think or do.

So this next question that I had for the Traveling Sisters is another one that I have been wondering about for a while now and I am really curious to hear from you all. I hope that you will also join in on the discussion with us.

Norma’s random book question:

So I know a lot of us read eBooks here but what is your absolute favourite and least favourite book format? eg. Hardcover, trade, mass, eBooks or audiobooks? Also are you a book smeller & hugger?

L329-2_purple_brown eyesNorma’s Answer

I would say that I have a fondness for Trade paperback books and then hardcover. But, for convenience reasons I am starting to actually quite enjoy reading eBooks on my iPad. I thought I would never say that though because I really struggled in the beginning with reading on my iPad. I think it was more of not actually having that luxury of holding a physical copy though and I’m thinking that’s where my resistance came from. My least favourite is audiobooks because I just cannot seem to get the hang of listening to a book. I have so tried but I just cannot seem to keep my mind quiet and focus on what I’m listening to.

Yes, I am definitely a book hugger & smeller. I think my absolute favourite smell is books! I will stop and smell almost every page and even let my husband get a whiff but he just laughs at me and doesn’t think it smells good at all. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about!!! When I’m reading a physical book it gets lots of love from me and follows me everywhere.

L329-1_blue_green eyesBrenda’s Answer

My favourite is paperback and I love the smell of print books too.  I really like eBooks for the convenience of them.  So much easier to travel with then your IPad.  I was just reminded of that when last week I decided to take 8 print books in my carry on.

L329-1_green_blue eyes Lindsay’s Answer

Great question Norma!! My favourite is a paperback – something about the feel and weight of it is perfect. I like hardcovers but find they are heavier and more cumbersome to carry around. I have grown to love my Kindle Paperwhite. I was very hesitant to try reading ebooks, but now love them. So convenient!!
I’m a huge book hugger!!!!! Not so much a smeller but definitely a hugger. I’ve even slept with a favourite book beside me or under my pillow because I just didn’t want to part with it. 😆

img_6635      Christina’s Answer

Great question Norma!

It’s a give and take for me. I enjoy eBooks because of the ease at which I can travel with them, that I can highlight in them and that I can carry around hundreds of books on one device. However, there is a unique joy to having hardcover books. I love adding new favorites to my bookshelf and the feel of a real book and satisfaction of turning the pages and seeing how much you’ve read isn’t achieved with an eBook.

Absolutely 100% a book smeller and hugger too 😛

The only form of book I have a hard time with is audiobooks. I just can’t engross myself as fully into them as I can reading. I call it the “reading zone” but I think it’s also referred to as “deep reading” when everything around you just kind of melts away and it doesn’t even feel like you’re reading but seeing the words play out in your head and I can’t do that with audiobooks. I really want to get into them though because there’s a lot of time I can’t read but I could listen to books and then I could consume even more!!!


Now to the best part. Your answers. Please join in our discussion and let us know your answer. We would love to hear from you!

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39 thoughts on “Random Book Musings: So I know a lot of us read eBooks but what is your absolute favourite and least favourite book format? #travelingsistersread #BookBloggers”

  1. I love e-books 🙂 So convenient ❤
    I don't have physical copies though, and a have a few, but it does make it harder for me to read them.
    When it comes to paperbacks, i don't like those tiny formatted ones. :/

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  2. Hello ladies 🙋I’m a real book person if it’s hard back of paper back I don’t care I even buy my hand bags big enough to fit them 😌 oh and I love the smell of new books to I’ve read a few ebooks but I’m not very techie 🙅 so I don’t enjoy them .

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  3. My eBooks and audiobooks are tied for favorite. If I can’t hold my iPad to read, my headphones are on listening to another book.

    I never thought I’d give up printed books but the convenience of the digital format just simplified so much for me. I read so much more as a consequence. Before I got my first reader, I pretty much only read hardcovers or trade paperbacks. I still love looking at them on my shelves.

    The mass market paperback print is just too small for my tired eyes. So, that would be my least favorite.

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  4. Due to dexterity issues, I only read ebooks these days – but can’t bear to part with any of the hardbacks and paperbacks stuffed into my (several) bookcases! After all, a house is not a home without books in it …

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  5. My favorite is trade paperbacks. Light enough to carry around, and the print is usually easier to read than the mass market paperbacks. I’m reading more and more on my Kindle though. It’s the ultimate in convenience.

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    1. My favorite is trade paperbacks as well there is just something about them that I love! I haven’t read a mass paperback in ages. I agree hands down that digital copies are the ultimate in convenience. Thanks so much for stopping by and joining in on the discussion! I enjoyed reading your comment! 🙂

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  6. Great question & answers❣ Not a fan of mass market paperbacks very uncomfortable to read. Love trade paperbacks, & hardcovers. Ebooks are my fave way to travel with multiple books. Audiobooks are great for multitasking.
    Love the smell of books & my husband would say I’m a book cuddler since I fall asleep reading most nights. 😴

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    1. Thanks so much and I am so happy that you liked my question and our answers! I loved reading your answer too! Sounds like we are very similar with our likes and dislikes. I do enjoy a paperback every now and again but haven’t read one in quite some time though so I’m not sure if my feelings have changed with that format or not. Hmmmm, might have to grab a paperback out of my shelf. LOL
      Thanks so much for stopping by and joining in on the discussion! 🙂

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  7. I prefer to own hardcovers but for eyesight, I like ebooks. I rarely, almost never, read or purchase paperbacks and have not ever owned or tried audiobooks. I’ve always hated to be read to, even as a child. Great topic!

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    1. Oh, that is so interesting Mackey that you have never liked being read to. Is it because you wanted to read the book yourself? I would much prefer to read by myself than being read to as well. I don’t grasp hardly anything when someone reads something to me. I have to read myself to get it and that is probably why audiobooks don’t work for me. Thanks so much for stopping by and I love reading your comments! 🙂

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  8. I haven’t tried an E-book. I love both paper back and hard cover. I decorate with hard cover books so I do appreciate a beautiful hard cover. Books are beautiful ❤

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  9. Print books are definitely my favorite. There is something about the feel of a book in my hands that can’t be replaced by anything else. Just this morning I was thinking that print books can be handed on as heirlooms (I’m writing a collection of memories of my aunt for her grandchildren as she died before any of them were born. It’s a way for them to get to know the grandmother they never met. I plan to put it in print form and I hope they will each keep their copy and hand it on to their own children someday.) Given how rapidly technology changes, it’s quite possible that the devices we currently use for e-reading will be obsolete in the near future. After all, even if you still own videos on VHS or music albums on 8 track cartridges you can’t play them without the proper equipment and who has that anymore?!) But with a book you can keep the print version for a very, very long time – centuries in some cases.

    I don’t think I have a preference between hardcover and paperback except that paperback is usually lighter and easier to carry around, but I’ll travel with hardcovers, too.

    My next favorite is audio books, but I find I can only concentrate on them if I listen to them while driving. Not sure what that says about my driving, but if I just sit at home and listen, my mind wanders. If I try to do something else while I’m listening I miss things because my mind is divided between the book and whatever I’m doing. For some reason, when I’m driving, I have no problem visualizing the book. Of course, I have to be driving a route I’m familiar with so I’m not distracted by trying to follow directions.

    My least favorite are e-books. I know they are all the rage now, but I have never liked reading from a screen. Something about it really annoys me. I suppose I may get used to it (or I may not!) but I just don’t have the same feeling about curling up in bed with my Kindle as I do with a print copy of a book. I guess I’m just old-school when it comes to this topic.

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    1. Wow Eileen! How very thoughtful and special of you to be writing memories of your aunt for her grandchildren! That is such a beautiful and touching idea! 💕
      Good point about how technology changes so much that what we read on now will be different in the future. I also prefer print books and that’s such a great point about how they can always be handed down and read. I love the way you think!!!!
      I cannot do audiobooks but I really admire those that can. I would be too distracted.
      Thanks so much for your thoughts and comments! We love hearing from you!!! 💜💕

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    2. Wow Eileen! Every time after reading your comments I always get this warm and beautiful feeling inside. You are so thoughtful and insightful and I absolutely love it and I’m with Lindsay when she says that she likes the way you think as I do too! Thank you so much for joining in on the discussion! I always look forward to reading them. 🙂

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  10. Hands down my favorite is a hard back book. I love how pretty they are and I don’t mind that they are heavy. They smell great too! I really did not care for ebooks for the longest time, but now I love them. Like many of you, I use my Ipad. I love this because it allows me to flip over and surf the internet if I need a break. My least fav would have to be audiobooks. I would have a problem with my mind wandering off and not focusing on the story. I have always learned best by seeing or doing something instead of listening to instructions, so this probably explains that. Great question, I really enjoyed reading all the different opinions!

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    1. It sounds like we are very similar Kim and I too have a problem when it comes to listening to instructions for some reason it takes me forever to process what is being said to me but write it down for me I have no problems. Thanks so much for joining in on the discussion and I so enjoyed reading your thoughts on this topic! 🙂

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  11. Always a pleasure answering these questions! I love everything I can get my hands on on the written format! I love a good hardback as they’re difficult to damage but they can also be quite heavy to carry around. In contrast, paperbacks are brilliant to carry around but I do get frustrated if they get damaged. 😂 I will always be grateful for my Kindle for convenience and how many books it stores but it can’t really beat a real book for me! I am definitely a book sniffer and have totally been known to hug a book whilst reading it if I’m enjoying it so much! 😍

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    1. Oh and Beth it is always a pleasure reading your answers to my questions. It makes me so happy and I so look forward to reading them!

      It really frustrates me as well if my paperbacks get damaged and sometimes I just can’t figure out how they do when I am so careful with them. LOL

      Thanks so much for stopping by and joining in on the discussion! 🙂

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  12. If you had asked this question a year ago, my answers would have been very different. I would have to say my least favourite right now would be paperbacks. The reason being is that the print is so small and my eyes are not what they used to be. Too long reading small print and my eye starts to twitch. I don’t necessarily have a favourite, as I enjoy ebooks, audibooks and hardcover or large print. It all depends on the situation. Great question though.

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  13. Paperback and ebook are nearly equal at this point, with paperback having a slight edge for aesthetic and sentimental reasons. That said, I only read ebooks on a tablet, computer or mobile device if I forgot to bring my Kindle with me OR if, gods forbid, I couldn’t get a galley in Kindle format. Between blogging and school work, I already spend so much time in front of a screen that I now have to get all day glasses, in addition to my readers…the glare is just too much for me. Love, love, love my Kindle Oasis!

    In my mind, the benefit of audiobooks is being able to multitask: like crocheting or sewing or quilting or cleaning and getting to enjoy a book at the same time. Except that’s never what happens. Either I get so focused on the task at hand that I miss most of the book (what’s the point then?) or I get so focused on the book that I can’t focus on the other thing I’m supposed to be doing (in which case, I may as well just “read” a book, because I read way faster than the narrator).

    Great post! Love topics like these.

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    1. Thanks for your comments Myndi! I think I would get too distracted with audiobooks too as I’d try to multitask and then get lost in the story. I love my Kindle too!!! 😍

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  14. I’m almost 100% ebooks these days. There’s the convenience that others have mentioned of course but it’s also a matter of comfort of holding a physical book for me, my wrists are not up to it and it becomes uncomfortable that way very quickly along with my eyes are also not what they used to be and I love being able to adjust the font on my Kindle instead of straining on a physical book.

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      1. Definitely, just the other day someone was complaining on Goodreads of only being able to pack 3 or 4 books for a trip and my thought was are you nuts, I can’t travel without 1000s of choices these days. LOL

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      1. You’re quite welcome! i’m used to explaining myself on this one when offered physical books to review, I often think come on guys I’m saving you money just wanting an e-book. LOL

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