First Line Fridays: The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter by Hazel Gaynor @HarperCollinsCA @HazelGaynor #travelingsistersread #BookBloggers

First Line Friday is hosted by Hoarding Books. Where we share the first line or lines of a book we are currently reading or going to start soon.

Our First Line Friday is for a Traveling Sisters Group read that we are currently reading and enjoying very much.  I am not too far in but already it is an extremely emotional and moving historical fiction novel that is inspired by true events.  The writing in stunningly beautiful.

They call it Heartbreak Pier, the place from where I will leave Ireland.  It is a place that has seen too many goodbyes.

Goodreads Summary

“They call me a heroine, but I am not deserving of such accolades. I am just an ordinary young woman who did her duty.”

1838: Northumberland, England. Longstone Lighthouse on the Farne Islands has been Grace Darling’s home for all of her twenty-two years. When she and her father rescue shipwreck survivors in a furious storm, Grace becomes celebrated throughout England, the subject of poems, ballads, and plays. But far more precious than her unsought fame is the friendship that develops between Grace and a visiting artist. Just as George Emmerson captures Grace with his brushes, she in turn captures his heart.

1938: Newport, Rhode Island. Nineteen-years-old and pregnant, Matilda Emmerson has been sent away from Ireland in disgrace. She is to stay with Harriet, a reclusive relative and assistant lighthouse keeper, until her baby is born. A discarded, half-finished portrait opens a window into Matilda’s family history. As a deadly hurricane approaches, two women, living a century apart, will be linked forever by their instinctive acts of courage and love.


Have you read this one? Want to read it? Please add your first line to a book you have started or going to start. We would love to hear from you!!!

19 thoughts on “First Line Fridays: The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter by Hazel Gaynor @HarperCollinsCA @HazelGaynor #travelingsistersread #BookBloggers”

  1. Happy Friday!🎃

    My first lines come from Winter Without You by Beth Good.

    Hannah thought it looked like the saddest house in the world, a slate-roofed Cornish monolith with dark windows for eyes, looming out at them from under November rain. Did houses have feelings , though? she wondered, studying it as they drew steadily closer. Could a house emote? Or was that all in the eyes of the beholder?

    Have a great weekend and happy reading!💕📚💕

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  2. Just this week I finished Hazel Gaynor’s novel The Cottingley Secret. It too was historical fiction based around factual events and I was most impressed with her writing, and the fluid way she moved readers between two different time periods. This one sounds great and I look forward to seeing some of the reviews. Enjoy your read ladies 😀

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    1. Thank you so much, Sharon! I am finding the transitions between the different time periods in this book flow quite smoothly too. I am really enjoying this one and her writing is fantastic. I will have to look into The Cottingley Secret as well as that sounds like a fairly good one too!

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    2. Thanks Sharon! I adore her writing as well! I’m almost finished Lighthouse and have literally loved every single word of the book so far! 😍


    1. I think her writing is fantastic too, Mackey and I we are all really enjoying this book. I hope that you do too when you get to it! Happy reading!

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