Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier

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Jar of Hearts is a chilling, intense and compelling story with a horrific and violent crime. The descriptions are disturbing at times and are not for the fainthearted. For us twisted readers who like the darker side of the coulee we couldn’t stop reading.

Jar of Hearts is skillfully paced and well plotted with flashbacks to a violent crime that our main character Geo was involved in and with a crime in the present that seems connected.  The tension rises as the story progresses and the brilliant secrets are revealed at just the right time.  And that ending just so perfectly revealed leaving us feeling so happy with this story.  We highly recommend.

Thank you to my son for purchasing this book for me for my birthday!!

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Gripping & Unputdownable Stars to JAR OF HEARTS!

JAR OF HEARTS by JENNIFER HILLIER is an intense, chilling, dark and twisted psychological thriller novel that grabbed my attention very quickly and had me totally invested throughout this whole story.

JENNIFER HILLIER delivers a unique, well-written and very descriptive read here with characters that were not all that likeable but they were definitely compelling to read about though. I found the storyline and some scenes quite disturbing and unsettling but nonetheless, it was a thrilling, entertaining and exciting book for me to read.

I thought that the reveals were perfectly timed and the way that the story developed and was presented to us was quite the impressive storytelling and very appealing to this reader. I think that is one of the reasons why I enjoyed this story so much!


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  1. Sounds like an amazing book! I was so sad to miss out on this one with the group but I just couldn’t fit it in at the time. I know I’ll get to this at some point (hopefully soon!). Amazing reviews!! 💜💕🌸🦋

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    1. I will keep up threads and hopes you will have a break to read it! Hmm we are pretty busy but this one really is worth fitting in!

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    1. I am sorry you missed this one too. Lindsay hasn’t read it yet. I am leaving up threads for both of you and hope you get a chance to fit it in, it really is worth it!

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