The Rain Watcher by Tatiana De Rosnay *Review by Lindsay *

The Rain Watcher by Tatiana de Rosnay

Web_L149-2_blonde_blue-eyesFrom the first page of this story, I felt as if I was transported into the rain-drenched city of Paris, France. The pitter-pattering of the rain against windows, the splashing through endless puddles, the droplets of rain dripping from umbrellas, the constant measure of the waters’ rise. I was entranced by the intensity and beauty of the atmosphere of this novel. The scenes felt so real and vivid that my imagination didn’t have to do much work at all.

This novel follows Linden Malegarde, famous photographer and youngest son of the Malegarde family. He is meeting his parents, sister, and niece in Paris to celebrate his father’s seventieth birthday. While in Paris, a natural disaster strikes, causing extreme flooding and devastation.

Told with exquisitely beautiful writing, Tatiana de Rosnay, captures a family gathering full of love, angst, fear, secrets and uncertainty. Each character adds a deeper layer of intrigue to the family dynamic. This novel has an intense sense of sadness and melancholy but is deeply touching and emotional. I highly recommend this book, but warn readers to pick it up only when ready for a slower, emotional journey.

A big thank you to NetGalley, St. Martin’s Press and Tatiana de Rosnay for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewimg_6527

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23 thoughts on “The Rain Watcher by Tatiana De Rosnay *Review by Lindsay *”

    1. Thank you Shalini! It’s a slow burn so save it for a time when you can truly savour the beauty of the atmospheric writing. Hope you’re feeling better. 😘

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  1. This is my review:
    Very well written family drama which takes place in modern day Paris during a massive flood, with continuous rain and the Seine rising to record breaking heights, paralyzing the city and suburbs. A family is gathering for a reunion with both affirmative and tragic results. Long kept secrets are revealed and everyone finds out more about themselves and others than they might want to know.
    Tatiana De Rosnay has created a depth of emotion that keeps the reader thinking about the characters, even when not reading the book.
    I liked the narrative and the authentic setting drew me in because I plan to travel to Paris for the first time next month. It also has been raining almost non stop here in N.Y. for the past week!
    I really like this author and would read more of her work.

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    1. Thank you so much! I wish you would have too but I understand how the book would not work for some readers. It caught me at a great time when I needed a slower, more atmospheric family drama. Sometimes it’s all about timing. Hope you’re reading something you love right now!! Thanks for your comment! 💜💕🌸

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  2. It was on my list for October and then my month sort of fell apart. And, admittedly, I’m sort of afraid to read it because I’ve heard so much about Sarah’s Key, but haven’t read it yet. I’ve heard this one isn’t as good, and I don’t want to be disappointed and then be reticent to read the other one. Weird, I know. Have you read Sarah’s Key?

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    1. Hi Myndi! Yes, I read and LOVED Sarah’s Key – it is one of my favourite books! This one isn’t as good as that one, but still very enjoyable! 💜

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