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Here we are not only falling behind on books that are scheduled group reads, we have also fallen behind on our weekly posts.  I have fallen behind on my Falling Behind Friday post and Norma missed her weekly Random Book Musing this week and won’t be posting her Keto in the coulee post today.  She has been taking every minute she can to read and catch up on that very intense reading schedule I have her on.  Anyways I am also going to get a jump on our Sneak Peek Sunday post and combine the two.  Sneak Peek Sunday is a post where we take a look into our thoughts either for an anticipating upcoming group read or we take a peek into our thoughts for a group read for a book not published yet.   It’s a great way to share thoughts on a book not yet published. So if you would like to join in either post and share the love by linking us all.  You know we are all about sharing the love.

Today Kim @It’s All About The Thrill and I are sistering up for a book we have fallen behind on and I am also taking a sneak peek into the same book from the Traveling sisters’ group read going on.  A few Sisters have finished including Norma and Christina.

Watching YouWatching You by Lisa Jewell

From Norma’s review

LISA JEWELL delivers an intriguing, character-driven, well-written and plotted story here with interesting and engaging characters. The police transcripts were a favorite and such an effective way for us to get a firsthand look into the investigation and pick up on some of those clues.

I absolutely loved that this book created so many questions and the subtle clues are perfectly interspersed in the storyline but piecing them all together was definitely making my head spin. So I decided that I was just going to read and let the story do the job for me. And, I am so glad that I did because what transpires, in the end, was absolutely stunning and so totally worth it!

Lindsay’s thoughts

It’s very early in the book for me but I was highly intrigued from page one.  The storyline and characters grabbed me right away. I can feel the suspense and tension already.  I love Lisa Jewell’s writing!

Christina’s thoughts

Watching You is my very first Lisa Jewell book and let me just say that she absolutely lives up to the hype I’ve seen in all the reviews for various books she’s written.  It starts off with an absolute bang – someone has been murdered, we don’t the who, the how or the why of the victim or the murderer. If that’s not enough to draw any reader in – I don’t know how to help you.
As the story progresses there were so many aspects that I found absolutely absorbing and refreshing. This is told from multiple POVs and that gave the idea that “someone is always watching” more depth and created a very dynamic and layered story.
This isn’t just a story that propels you to the end based on a need to figure out the “whodunnit” but has forward progression because the writing and development are just, well, totally solid.  I found this to be an incredibly captivating read that draws the reader in with a well paced, well developed and a really fun book!

Dorie’s thoughts

I really enjoyed this book, Lisa Jewell is one of my favorite thriller writers. Her mechanics are great and her characters are always well defined.

The plot was a good one with lots to think about and try to figure out, she always comes up with very unique ideas


Have you read this one?  Share your thoughts with us!  Want to read this one!  Drop us a comment!  We would love to hear from you!

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  1. Watching You is on my radar and hopefully I will get to it before the end of December, but only time will tell. You have all made me want to move it up. You are not the only ones falling behind. Blogging seems to be taking as much time as reading is.

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    1. So glad to hear that Watching You is on your radar, Carla and that you might move it up. I think it is inevitable for us all to be behind especially in December. I love your new profile pic and I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season! 🙂

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