Random Book Musings: Do you like to read a Christmas themed book in December to help set the mood for the upcoming holiday season? #travelingsistersread #BookBloggers



Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a great Thursday!

I always have these random bookish questions that I’m curious about so I ask our Traveling Sisters a weekly (sometimes more) book related question. We thought it would be fun and interesting to take some of those questions to our blog and see what you all think or do. I hope that you will also join in on the discussion with us.

So last week totally got away from me and I did not post a Book Musings Random Question and I apologize to everyone who looks forward to participating and sharing your thoughts with us.  So I thought with the holidays coming I would ask a related book question this week.

Norma’s random book question:

Do you like to read a Christmas themed book in December to help set the mood for the upcoming holiday season? Do you have any Christmas traditions that you &/or your family partake in?

img_7228Norma’s Answer

I have kind of a love/hate relationship with Christmas themed books. I used to totally avoid them and wouldn’t even pick up anything that was solely Christmas themed as I felt like they were a little bit too cheesy for some reason. I’m not exactly sure where those thoughts even came from because I haven’t read too many over the years.

I definitely feel like reading one this year though and picked up The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan. Not sure when I’ll get the chance to read it but I couldn’t resist because I love that cover!

So I sort of got this idea after really looking at that cover and thought what a perfect read for Brenda, Lindsay and I to read together this holiday season.  Three Christmas sisters and us three Traveling Sisters…..what do you think Brenda & Lindsay are you game to read this one?  If anyone else would like to join us in reading this book or if you have read it let us know what you thought of it.


P.S. – Just maybe, Secret Santa might be sending you some surprise bookmail to you my dear Brenda & Lindsay!

img_7232Brenda’s Answer

Christmas themed books are not my normal type of read but I think I would like to read The Christmas Sisters.  How could I not with a title like that?  I am going to be watching the mail.

img_7237Lindsay’s Answer

I’m with you Norma and Nikki – on the fence about Christmas themed books. I don’t dislike the idea of reading them, but I’m not drawn to them in any way. I think for a lot of readers, reading them puts them in the Christmas spirit which is a fun and festive thing. 🎄 🎅


Now to the best part. Your answers. Please join in our discussion and let us know your answer. We would love to hear from you!

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26 thoughts on “Random Book Musings: Do you like to read a Christmas themed book in December to help set the mood for the upcoming holiday season? #travelingsistersread #BookBloggers”

  1. Yayy girls I missed you… So happy to be here…
    Actually I never thought about this till this year, since we don’t celebrate Christmas… But I have had such a bad year, fallen sick since March, got a severe health scare, breakup with heartbreak, and some problems at work that I decided that though I may not celebrate Christmas, I do celebrate a day after that. And I need warmth to be let back to my heart. Hence I downloaded 6 Christmas romance books from NetGalley to be read in the week surrounding Christmas… My first in so many decades..
    Well, as usual I have gone all over the place instead of a single line answer… Well…
    (I am down with cold hence couldn’t join in the group reads… Sorry… This year I have taken more medicines than food… )

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    1. Big hugs and lots of love to you, our sweet Shalini! Seems 2018 has been a tough year for some. Good thing we have each other to keep us focused on our reading to escape our everyday stresses. We love your comments and input and wish you health and happiness during the holidays and 2019. Thanks for your comment – we love hearing from you especially when you give us more detail than a single line answer 😉 xoxo

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    2. We missed you too, Shalini and I am sending you a virtual hug and love your way too! I hope that 2019 brings you wonderful things to come and always know that we are always here! We love hearing from you and I hope that you enjoy all those Christmas books. You will have to let me know if any of them stood out more than others.

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  2. I absolutely love reading Christmas books! The issue for me is that there simply isn’t enough time to read as many as I’d like to. Christmastime needs to be longer! 🤣❤💚❤ Awesome post!

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    1. I love to hear that you enjoy Christmas books so much Mischenko!! Hope you have lots of fabulous holiday reads this year! I agree that Christmas needs to be longer!! Thanks for your comment!! 🙂

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    2. Thanks so much and I am so glad to hear that you love Christmas books, Mischenko! That just warms my heart and I think I would like to read a few this coming holiday season too.

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    1. Marialyce – I think it might be because we have sooooo many other reads overwhelming our TBR lists that we don’t venture into that Christmastime zone. Lots of other books and genres to keep us busy 😉 Hope you’re reading something wonderful now!! xo

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    2. I always think that I would like to add a Christmas book and read it but barely ever do but I am going to remedy that this year and read The Christmas Sisters with Brenda & Lindsay. Hopefully it is a good one! Hope that you have a wonderful holiday, Marialyce!

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  3. Love this post Norma!! I’m so excited for my book mail!! Looking forward to reading this book with you and Brenda!!!!!!!! xoxo

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  4. I’ve always loved holiday themed books. I mean, who doesn’t love A Christmas Carol or Miracle on 34th street or even ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas? I particularly like books written by British authors. There is something about sweet stories set in the British Isles that make my heart happy. 🙂

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    1. I am so glad to hear that you loved holiday themed books, Mackey! Have you read The Christmas Sisters yet? I’m actually quite excited to read it. Hope that you have a wonderful holiday!

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  5. I remember one year I sought out Christmas-themed books to read in December and it was sort of a “meh” experience. However, since then, many authors I read regularly started issuing books that were set in the Christmas season with more substantive storylines. I’ve read three already, none of them novellas and all from favorite authors. They definitely put me in the mood.

    So…guess I like reading them!

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    1. I am definitely wanting to read one this year. Which ones did you read, Jonetta? Any recommendations? Have you read The Christmas Sisters? I hope that you have a wonderful holiday!

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      1. The Christmas Sisters is on my plan for this month. I read A Gentleman for Christmas by Prescott Lane, A Christmas Miracle for the Doctor by Victoria James (#6 in the Shadow Creek, Montana series) and The Laird’s Christmas Kiss by Anna Campbell (The Lairds Most Likely #2). I reviewed all of them on the blog if you’re interested in checking them out. Victoria James is a Canadian author and Campbell is Australian. All three are romance authors I read regularly.

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  6. Great question and wonderful responses. I love Christmas stories. I especially enjoy the love, humour and family that are usually included. Of course, I also watch all the corny Hallmark Christmas movies too.

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    1. Thank you so much, Carla! I kind of enjoy those Hallmark Christmas movies as well. I love those types of feel good stories/movies.

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