Random Book Musings: Do you like to participate in a Secret Santa Holiday Book Swap or any other special holiday book swaps? #travelingsistersread #BookBloggers

img_6793Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a great Friday!

I always have these random bookish questions that I’m curious about so I ask our Traveling Sisters a weekly (sometimes more) book related question. We thought it would be fun and interesting to take some of those questions to our blog and see what you all think or do. I hope that you will also join in on the discussion with us.

Norma’s random book question:

Do you like to participate in a Secret Santa Holiday Book Swap or any other special holiday book swaps?  

Just a little more info provided regarding a book swap.  You fill out a form that allows your swap partner to get to know you a little better. With questions such as: What three books are on your wishlist?  Will you accept books not on your wishlist? Favourite treats? Interests? Favourite bookish items? Favourite colour?

img_7225Norma’s Answer

I love book swaps and I have participated in two this holiday season. One on Instagram and another with the BookSharks on Facebook. I love sending out bookish surprises.
The featured photo above is my fabulous Secret Santa package that I received from Laurie @booksandchinooks.  I was absolutely thrilled to have received The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson and kind of did a little squeal when I saw it.  It is a book that is high on my TBR list and hopefully, we will have some interest in our Traveling Friends group so that I can read it in the new year!  I also received some really nice cozy socks, a Canada mug, bookmark and an absolutely adorable mug Christmas ornament.  Thank you so much, Laurie, for the thoughtful package….I absolutely love everything!!

img_7232   Brenda’s Answer

Norma your book goodies look and sound so wonderful!   I love it!  I haven’t done one before but I love the idea and think it would be so much fun to do.

img_7237Lindsay’s Answer
Love the idea of a book swap! 😍📚

Now to the best part. Your answers. Please join in our discussion and let us know your answer. We would love to hear from you!

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