Ninja Camp by Sue Fliess & Illustrated by Jen Taylor


Benjamin reading & loving Ninja Camp by Sue Fliess, Jen Taylor (Illustrator)
Lindsay’s Review

A fun, action-packed children’s book!

My three-year-old son, Benjamin, was thrilled when I opened my book mail to uncover this exciting story.   Through rhyming dialogue from the Ninja Master and silly scenarios scattered among the pages, this children’s book invites kids to learn the skills and secrets of how to become a ninja warrior. The pages are filled with beautiful, bright-coloured pictures which kept my children intrigued from start to finish.  Benjamin’s favourite part was the training for the ninja moves.   It’s a super cute and highly entertaining journey that I thoroughly enjoyed reading with my children.  My five-year-old daughter loved it too, so it is great for girls and boys.

Thank you to Hachette Book Group for gifting me a physical copy to read and review!


Goodreads Book Blurb:

Pack your bags and grab your gear: you’re going to Ninja Camp! Listen closely to the ninja master, who will teach you everything you need to know to become a ninja warrior-but it won’t be easy. You’ll have to be sly and swift, strong and speedy, and only then will you become a Ninja of the Night!

This fun and energetic book will delight and entertain kids and parents alike with its clever, rhyming verse and action-packed depictions of the coolest camp around. For fans of Ninja Red Riding Hood who are looking for a lesson in teamwork and cool stealth skills.

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  1. Who doesn’t want to be a ninja! My grandchildren will love this book. Two little ninjas in the making.

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