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We did a little something different here with our group read for The Taste of Air by Gail Cleare. I set up a special group and we had the pleasure of Gail joining us in our discussion. We used discussion questions provided for the story and it really enhanced our reading experience. We received some insight into Gail’s writing experience and she answered some questions we had for her and about the story. We really enjoyed our discussion and this story, that we highly recommend this one for group reads. Thank you so much for joining us Gail and for sending Norma and I our copies to read with the group.

Brenda’s Review

The Taste of Air has it all to make this an interesting and engaging family saga with a mystery to it to add some suspense to the story. It is a thought-provoking emotional yet entertaining and pleasing realistic story that explores the secrets, some that are buried that a mother keeps from her children. Her life before and separate from her grown children.

Gail Cleare does a great job creating interesting realistic characters and I really enjoyed the dynamics between them. As we get to know our characters, secrets are revealed that had us thinking about what we would do in that situation. The story and the discussion questions had us also thinking about our own families and sharing stories with each other. We discussed how we thought we would react to some of the situations in the story and this made for a very interesting discussion.

I really enjoyed this pleasing story from start to finish. The pace is well paced and I was intrigued by Mary’s past. I was completely satisfied with how everything wrapped up and came together in the end. I highly recommend.

Norma’s Review

Heartwarming, delightful & touching!

THE TASTE OF AIR by GAIL CLEARE was such a comforting, uplifting, and enjoyable read that had so much warmth flowing through the pages of this book. I immediately felt a connection to the authors writing style and thought this story was so tastefully told. It wrapped me up tightly in a warm comfy hug transporting me right back to all the tastes of home.

GAIL CLEARE delivers a beautiful, well-written and engaging read here that takes you on a journey full of family secrets, love and relationships with some added revelations and soul-searching for you to ponder right along with the characters. The story is told between the perspectives of Nell and Bridget in the present and Mary’s perspective from the past. I enjoyed all perspectives equally and really enjoyed learning Mary’s secrets as the story progressed. I was totally surprised with the reveal and loved how it all came together in the end.

Can you taste the flavour of the air?

I really never thought of tastes being comforting and nostalgic before reading this novel or else I just took it for granted. It really made me think and realize that different experiences can certainly affect us in how we perceive those different tastes that bring out a sense of happiness, comfort, love and fond memories for us. This novel definitely brought that all out for me!

Lindsay’s Review

An eye-opening glance into one woman’s choice to follow her heart and find true happiness. This novel surrounds Mary and her two adult daughters, Nell and Bridget. Nell is shocked to receive a phone call requesting her presence at hospital hours away from Mary’s retirement home. Confused as to how her mother could be so far from home, Nell packs quickly and leaves to pick up the pieces and find answers as to what happened.  Upon reaching her mother at the hospital, Nell uncovers an avalanche of secrets and people from her mothers’ life that has been hidden for years. Nell and
Bridget work together to reveal the hidden truths behind Mary’s past and the shocking surprises that change their lives forever.

This novel is presented through Mary, Nell and Bridget’s perspectives. Mary’s perspective is revealed through a Past and Present timeline adding multiple layers of intrigue to the story. My favorite parts of the book were the sections from Mary’s past when we learn about her life prior to having children.

These powerful sections reveal much emotion and heartache. I thought the author, Gail Cleare, did a fantastic job with that piece of the story.
I found this novel enjoyable and entertaining, however, there were some parts that felt implausible to me. I liked the characters but didn’t ever get to the point of feeling fully invested in them. What I truly appreciate about this book is that it gave me a lot to think about. It challenged me to consider multiple angles of the character’s choices. The topics presented are intense and thought-provoking.

From Debra’s Review

I found this book to be refreshing and interesting. The subject matter is thought-provoking and captivating. There are situations where readers may stop and ponder “what would I do in this situation?” or “how would I react?” and “would I have done the same thing?”. While the focus on the book is on Mary’s secret, each woman had her own secret as well. I enjoyed how the secret cottage became a place Nell and Bridget to reflect and discuss their secrets and goals/hopes/dreams for their futures. Well written and thought out. This is women’s fiction done right. A pleasure to read!

DeAnn’s Review

This is my first experience with the author Gail Cleare. I was not disappointed. Her story carried me along, revealing surprises and story twists exactly when needed. Not a book of high drama, nor heart throbbing suspense – but a soothing story about a families life, one that needed to come to the surface. Engagingly told, throughout many years, gave the needed time frame and space to unravel all the secrets that were so lovingly kept.

Sweet tale of mothers and daughters and family secrets.

Daughters Nell and Bridget are shocked when they find out that their mother Mary is hospitalized in Vermont when they thought she was living in assisted-living in Massachusetts. In fact, they discover she’s had a cabin in Vermont for many years. This is just the start of secrets that are uncovered throughout this book.

We are treated to chapters with Mary’s life in the past as a nurse in the Vietnam war and the friends that she makes there. The pieces slowly come together and the daughters are able to figure out the puzzle while Mary is struggling in the hospital.

I enjoyed reading this book with the Traveling Friends and having the author participate in our book discussions. It certainly makes me think more about family secrets and how well we know our parents . . . The writing in this book was enjoyable and it made me yearn for New England!

Norma’s Stats:
Eye-catching, peaceful, relaxing and an excellent and fitting representation to storyline.
Title: I had no idea the meaning behind this title before reading this novel. I was quite baffled but after reading a couple of chapters the meaning behind this title became quite apparent. I absolutely loved how the title played into the storyline.
Writing/Prose: Well-written, suspenseful, and beautiful.
Plot: Engrossing, suspenseful, heartfelt, interesting, steady-paced, and entertaining.
Ending: Surprising, heartwarming, and satisfying.
Overall: I was definitely taken with this storyline and really enjoyed learning all the family secrets as they unfolded. Making this novel hard to put down. Would recommend!

Thank you so much to Gail Cleare for gifting me a copy of this book, it was an absolute pleasure reading it.

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