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Hello everyone and Happy Thursday to you all!

I have a very special announcement to make!!! I am so excited and proud to announce the arrival of our very first grandchild (Brenda is now a great aunt). Natalie Liann Rempel was born on January 18th, weighing 6 lbs 7 oz. We are totally in love and smitten with this adorable little girl!

I always have these random bookish questions that I’m curious about so I ask our Traveling Sisters a weekly (sometimes more) book related question. We thought it would be fun and interesting to take some of those questions to our blog and see what you all think or do. I hope that you will also join in on the discussion with us.

Norma’s Random Book Musings Question ~*~ Just for fun!

So for my Book Musings question for this week is something that you have all probably seen done lots of times on Social Media. I have to admit that I like reading these but I have never actually “played along”. I would like to encourage everyone to please play as I think we would all love to see each others answers. I know that I do! So here we go…….

Norma’s Answer

Children: 3 & 1 grandchild! 🙂
Surgeries: 4
Tattoos: 0
Shot a Gun: Yes. (Target Practice) Didn’t like it much.
Quit a Job: Yes, when I got married and moved to the country in a different part of Alberta.
Ever been on TV: No 
Been to an Island: Yes, my parents recently moved from Prince Edward Island.
Rode in an Ambulance: No
Sang Karaoke: Yes
Ice Skating: Yes
Been on a Cruise: No
Rode on a Motorcycle: Yes
Rode a Horse: Yes
Almost Died: No
Stayed in a Hospital: Yes
Favourite movie: I don’t know if I actually have a favourite movie. I can’t think of one particular favourite at this moment anyway.
Update: The Sound of Music (just thought of one…LOL)
Morning or night: Night
Favourite colour: Brown
Last Phone Call: My mother
Last Text From: Brenda 
Favourite drink: Diet Pepsi 
Coffee or Tea: I’m not really a lover of hot liquids but if I were to choose it would be Coffee.
Favourite chocolate bar: Crispy Crunch (edited this to read chocolate bar LOL – or if you have a favourite bar then go ahead and add that in too)
Pizza: Hawaiian 
Cats or Dogs: Both 
Favourite Season: Summer but I think that Winter is the prettiest.
Favourite Book Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Your turn! 

Brenda’s Answer

So much fun. Here I go.

Children: 2 adult sons. I am now a great aunt and Norma a Grandma. oh my! Congrats Norma. 
Surgeries: none
Tattoos: no 
Shot a Gun: no
Quit a Job: Yes
Ever been on TV: no
Been to an Island: Yes
Rode in an Ambulance: no
Sang Karaoke: no
Ice Skating: yes
Been on a Cruise: No
Rode on a Motorcycle: Yes Husband loves to ride but I am not going near it and I am not invited either. lol 
Rode a Horse: Yes, not something I want to do again
Almost Died: No 
Stayed in a Hospital: Just when I had my boys 
Favourite movie: Not Bird Box. lol Watched with my husband he is now worried about what I read. lol 
Morning or night: Definitely a morning person. Love early mornings
Favourite colour: Orange
Last Phone Call: Norma
Last Text From: Wish I could say son but I have to text him. He was the last one I did text with but the last from was my Mother-in-law
Favourite drink: White wine
Coffee or Tea: coffee and a book are the best way to start my morning. I like tea too 
Favourite bar: anything Cadbury 
Pizza: Pineapple, green peppers and onions
Cats or Dogs: Dog 
Favourite Season: summer
Favourite Book Genre: Historical 

Lindsay”s Answer

Fun idea Norma!!

Children: 3 (2 of my own, 1 stepdaughter)
Surgeries: 2
Tattoos: 0
Shot a Gun: Yes
Quit a Job: Yes
Ever been on TV: Yes 
Been to an Island: Yes
Rode in an Ambulance: No
Sang Karaoke: Yes
Ice Skating: Yes (5 times just over the Christmas break with my kids – Santa brought them all skates)
Been on a Cruise: No – doesn’t interest me at all
Rode on a Motorcycle: No
Rode a Horse: Yes
Almost Died: No
Stayed in a Hospital: Yes
Favourite movie: don’t have one. Not into TV or movies
Morning or night: Morning
Favourite colour: Pink
Last Phone Call: My mom
Last Text From: a girlfriend
Favourite drink: coffee (red wine comes in a close second)
Coffee or Tea: I enjoy both, but would always choose coffee over tea
Favourite bar: Wonderbar
Pizza: Hawaiian 
Cats or Dogs: Cats 
Favourite Season: Fall
Favourite Book Genre: Historical Fiction

Never Ending TBR Book Stack #2 ~ Do you have any of these to read? Which ones have you read and recommend to read sooner than later? Want to help us knock some of these off of our shelves?

Now to the best part. Your answers. Please join in our discussion and let us know your answer. We would love to hear from you!

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The Eulogist by Terry Gamble @HarperCollinsCa @TerryGambleWri1 #travelingsistersread #askthetravelingsistersaboutourreads #askusaboutourbook #BookBloggers

The Eulogist by Terry Gamble

Brenda’s Review

Terry Gamble weaves some divisive issues here with race, slavery, and abolition of slavery with some real historical people and fictional characters. She creates an interesting family and I really enjoyed the family drama and dynamics between the characters. The writing and the story take on a lighter side to it as we follow Olivia’s journey from a woman unaffected by these issues to strong women with a sense for justice.

Terry Gamble creates an interesting character here with our main character Olivia. She is fearless (maybe a bit too much), strong, smart and engaging. I grew to really like her a lot. Even though I enjoyed these characteristics of her, I felt she didn’t really provoke much emotion from me and leaving me wanting a bit more emotional depth to the story.

As I was reading this one I was a little distracted and found it hard to keep my focus and I would of liked to have seen more depth to some of the issues explored here to drive the story forward for me.

The end left me thinking wow but not the way you might think. A lot of explanation for the story and characters happens in a few pages that left my head spinning. I would of liked a few more clues along the way instead of it all being told to me at once. I don’t think I was the only one because after reading this one we and our Traveling sisters had a few questions for each other.

Overall I enjoyed this one and I recommend it to readers who like to keep things light by not delving too deep into issues and enjoy some interesting family drama.

Norma’s review

Fascinating, passionate and compelling!

THE EULOGIST by TERRY GAMBLE was an interesting, steady-paced, and subtle story that I sort of have some mixed feelings about. At times the story really grabbed me and I was totally interested in what I was reading but then at other times I was a little lost with the author’s choice of words and found myself a little impatient to get to the heart of the story. 

TERRY GAMBLE delivers an intriguing and well-written read here that was definitely an enjoyable and entertaining one but I felt like I wasn’t always invested in what I was reading through. The story seemed to jump around a little and where this story I felt was historically reliable in it’s telling it missed to actually fully immerse me in the lives of these characters and these so important times from history.

Thank you so much from both of us to Edelweiss, William Morrow/HarperCollins and Terry Gamble for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book to read and review.

Angela’s review

An Irish immigrant family arrives in Ohio in 1818 and their future in America is told through the lives of the three children through 1890. The writing is very good and without being overly descriptive, I felt as though I was there in all of the scenes. James, the eldest tries to establish a candle making business. His brother Erasmus takes to drink and the road as a preacher. Their sister Olivia was my favorite character, a strong woman with convictions about the role of women and about the injustices of slavery. She also was inquisitive and engaged in scientific endeavors with a doctor who becomes her husband. While I connected with Olivia from the start, the story seemed to move a little too slowly and I was impatient for the abolition activities to happen and to see how this family gets involved in helping slaves to freedom. It did pick up and I found myself invested also in the story of Tilly, a young slave who comes to live with Olivia and her husband Silas. From a historical perspective, it feels very accurate – the position of women in society, slavery, the cholera outbreak. Things are revealed about family members that connect them to the slaves that they try to bring to freedom. Besides, Olivia there were other admirable women, Tilly, the young slave, Hatsepha and Bethany, her sister’s in law. While the history is aptly reflected and there are strong women characters, the story seemed to jump around and didn’t feel that there was a cohesive plot.

Norma’s Stats:
Cover: Intriguing, lovely, reflective, surreal and a fitting representation to storyline. 
Title: My feelings on this title has kind of left me feeling a little bit baffled and indifferent but it did definitely initially intrigue me though. 
Writing/Prose: Well-written, entertaining, telling, engaging and broken. I did quite enjoy the writing style but did question some of the narrative though. 
Plot: Engrossing, interesting, anticlimactic, steady-paced, and entertaining. 
Ending: A lot was explained and happened quickly in the last few pages but I was satisfied with the way the story wrapped up though.
Overall: Even though I didn’t end up loving this book, I still appreciated and certainly enjoyed the mellow escape that this book provided. 

Have you read this one? Want to read this one? Drop us a comment! We would love to hear from you!