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The Break Line by James Brabazon

Brenda’s review

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The Break Line is a fast-paced complex political spy thriller with plenty of action and violence to get your heart pounding. There are some gasp-worthy moments that could get your adrenaline going or leaving you gasping in shock and needing some recovery time before continuing.

James Brabazon creates a fascinating character here with our smart, cold and dangerous assassin Max McLean who grows a conscience and starts doubting his orders. Max is quite the hardcore character. The tension rises and it becomes unpredictably interesting as Max starts to question his mission.

James Brabazon really knows how to draw you right into the action with those vivid descriptions to the setting as well. The story is quite vivid with those combat scenes and at times took on a theatrical feel for me. Things started to move quite fast for me and there is no holding back on some of the gore to the violence. I started to get a little lost with the pace and I became a bit distracted while reading and some of those gory scenes left my mind wandering away from the violence.

I highly recommend for readers who like an action-packed and fast-paced spy thriller. It’s sure to satisfy.

Thank you so much to Elisha at Berkley Publishing Group for the opportunity to read an advance reading copy of this novel.

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