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I Invited Her In by Adele Parks is now available

Brenda’s review

They lost touch, she invited her in, shows off her perfect life and she wreaks chaos on their lives.

I Invite Her In is a chilling, twisty emotionally dark story that explores love, betrayal and the illusion and jealousy of happiness.   The story starts off a bit slow as we get to know our main characters friends from the past Melanie and Abi as the do some female bonding.  They now live very different lives and when successful Abi’s life is turned upside down she reaches out to Melanie and she invites her into her home.   The suspense and tension built as Abi’s presence causes friction in the family. We started to see cracks develop in their relationship and things start to heat up to a shocking discovery that left me yelling at some characters. Things started to get heated between me and the characters and I was texting Lindsay with what I wanted to do to the characters.   I started turning those pages as fast as I could to find out how this story comes together in the end.

At times a bit predictable but I found it comes together with enough surprises to move the story forward and have a satisfying ending.  I recommend.

Lindsay’s Review

I LOVED this book!

Mel and Abi were best friends in university until Mel dropped out due to an unplanned pregnancy, ending their inseparable friendship and all communication between the girls. Seventeen years later, Abi, now a well-known TV personality, shows up on Mel’s doorstep seeking friendship and support after leaving her wealthy and powerful husband. Mel invites Abi to stay in her family home as long as she needs. 

This is a tale of love, loyalty, family, revenge, secrets and lies. Brimming with suspense and intrigue, this novel had me glued to the pages from start to finish. The characters were fantastic – some of the most memorable characters I have read about in a very long time – loved them! The witty humour and snark scattered throughout the story had me shocked and laughing. 

My connection to the writing was immediate and intense. The pace and flow of the book were flawless. I enjoyed each of the multiple characters perspectives and thought the transitions between each were smooth and fluent. There were a few fantastic twists in this story! I had suspected a couple of the twists (which is shocking for me as I’m not usually a good book detective), yet my enjoyment wasn’t negatively impacted at all by my accurate predictions. This was my first novel by Adele Parks and as you can tell, I was very impressed and am a big fan! I look forward to reading more of her work.

Thank you from both of us to Edelweiss, HarperCollins Canada and Adele Parks for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review! 

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Last Night by Karen Ellis is now available

Brenda’s Review

Last Night is the second book to The Searchers series by Karen Ellis.  I read the first one A Map of the Dark a while back and I loved our main character FBI Special Agent Elsa Myers.  I was really looking forward to catching up with her and the dynamics between her and the other characters from her story. Well, I didn’t read the summary to Last Night and I assumed this one was going to focus on Elsa and I was really disappointed it wasn’t.  Going in blind is something I don’t normally do and now I am reminded why I don’t. lol

One Night, last night and a bad decision that changes everything for two missing teens.

Last Night follows Detective Lex Cole and Detective Saki Finley as they team up to find two teens that were last seen together.  They retrace their steps through the streets, housing projects, and warehouse where the dangers of drugs and guns lurk. The teens are from two very different backgrounds and we see how that affects their decisions and at times takes on a bit of stereotyping.  

There is a small couple of appearances from FBI Special Agent Elsa Myers but I wanted more of her.  I am a sucker for a well developed, emotionally damaged character with demons yet strong and a hero. Even though I loved Lex in the first and the dynamics between him and Elsa I didn’t feel that way with Lex or the dynamics between him and Saki.  I think that really affected my enjoyment for this one. I wanted to feel the same emotions I felt in the first one.

I do think if you have read A Map of the Dark going into this one without the expectation of seeing more from Elsa it will make this a much better read for you.  I am hoping for more of her in the next one to the series. I do recommend giving A Map of the Dark a try. I feel this one would work as a standalone as well.

Thank you to Hachette Canada, Mulholland Books for my copy to read and review.

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The Huntress by Kate Quinn @KateQuinnAuthor @HarperCollinsCa @WmMorrowBooks #BookBloggers #askthetravelingsistersaboutourreads #askusaboutourbook

Happy pub day to The Huntress by Kate Quinn This is one to brave the cold, the snow or whatever weather elements you are experiencing to run and buy this book as soon as possible or run to your computer to add this one to your cart.

Brenda’s review

A trio of Nazi hunters, a lethal Nazi murder, a Russian bomber pilot and a gentle and quiet family where something just doesn’t seem right.

The Huntress is a suspenseful, exciting, compelling vividly written story that explores justice with a hint of romance to warm your heart. The hunter becomes the hunted in this.

Kate Quinn does a fantastic job here weaving three storylines together and throughout the story, my favorite changed as I read each one. A trio of Nazi hunters are on a search to capture the ruthless Nazi murderer who committed unspeakable war crimes. The hunter becomes the hunted. Each hunter has their reasons and is obsessed with finding The Huntress and each have their different ways of getting their revenge.

Kate Quinn does such a great job creating some interesting and exciting characters with some of them based on real people. She vividly captures the spirit of the team of Russian bombers called the Night Witches and brings them alive for us. My favorite character became bomber Nina Markova and I couldn’t get enough of her character. She is smart, bold, dangerously courageous and ferocious making her terrifying at times in her own way.

A bit high on drama and it does take on a bit of a climatic feel to it and is a bit longer than it needs to be. This did affect the way Lindsay felt about the story and it was hard for her to connect to the characters. This affected her enjoyment of the story.

The ending comes together so well. It’s a vivid tense climatic showdown that took my breath away. I was reading it so fast I had to slow myself down to take it all in. I highly recommend.

Thank you to HarperCollins Canada, William Morrow books for my copy to read and review

From Lindsay’s review

I am the outlier with my feelings about this novel. My biggest issue was the characters and the dialogue and demeanor of the characters. It didn’t have natural ease making many situations feel forced and awkward for me. Unfortunately, my disconnect with the characters completely overshadowed any enjoyment I may have attained from learning about this time in our history. 

From Stephanie’s review

The Huntress is an engrossing and at times dark cat-and-mouse thrill ride where the writing is detailed and rich with history! The mystery, perfect amount of romance, dynamic characters, skillful character development, and masterful, yet at times harrowing plot makes for a gripping and wonderful read and if you love WWII history, then I definitely recommend you read this one! For Stephanie’s full review

From Mary Beth’s review

I loved the author’s writing style. I loved The Night Witches and the bonding of the sisters. I fell in love with the characters. They were so well developed. I thought the author brought them to life. I loved the dynamics. 

My favorite character was Nina. She was bold, reckless, daring and very brave. She feared nothing. I also loved the Rusalka. The Huntress was a monster. She was just plain evil and a mystery. She was also a coward. I loved the revenge against her. It was just so clever. I loved Jordan too. 

I just loved the ending. It was just amazing. It was gripping, nailbiting, and so suspenseful. My heart was pounding and I had to come up for air. Wow! 

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Random Book Musings: Unlikeable characters…….Do they make the story more interesting for you or make the story harder for you to enjoy and like? #travelingsistersread #BookBloggers

Hello everyone and Happy Monday to you all!

Thought I better do my Book Musings question for this week since I forgot again last week. I am totally guilty that my mind hasn’t been necessarily on book related things lately…..it has been stuck in granddaughter/grandma mode. Which I am absolutely loving btw! Who would have known that being a grandma feels so darn good and satisfying. LOL I am totally smitten with that adorable little baby girl.

Anyway…..here is my question for this week.

I always have these random bookish questions that I’m curious about so I ask our Traveling Sisters a weekly (sometimes more) book related question. We thought it would be fun and interesting to take some of those questions to our blog and see what you all think or do. I hope that you will also join in on the discussion with us.

Norma’s Random Book Musings Question

Unlikeable characters…….Do they make the story more interesting for you or make the story harder for you to enjoy and like? 

Norma’s Answer

For the most part unlikeable characters make the story more interesting for me. I definitely don’t need to like the characters for me to enjoy the story but they do have to feel like they are contributing and moving the story forward for me to fully embrace and enjoy them. I am totally able to forgive and forget an unlikeable character though that I don’t necessarily like or have a problem with. I just usually chock it up to oh well if I am enjoying the story in a whole why does that little character need to ruin the whole book for me. LOL

Lindsay’s Answer

Unlikable characters are hit or miss with me too. Sometimes they can completely ruin a book and overshadow any sort of enjoyment I get from the story. Other times, as Diane mentioned with Maurice, they make the story highly appealing and intriguing. So I guess it all boils down to the writing and if the author has created this unlikable character to suit the story and move it forward, like Norma said. 

Brenda’s Answer

More interesting for me. I think they add contrast to the story. I like having characters to dislike and to like. If everyone is likeable or unlikable I find the dynamics between the characters a bit boring and unrealistic. Real life is hard and messy.

Well I was beyond excited when I won this #goodreadsgiveaway THE FAVORITE DAUGHTER by KAIRA ROUDA! This is a highly anticipated read for us as we absolutely loved BEST DAY EVER!

Now to the best part. Your answers. Please join in our discussion and let us know your answer. We would love to hear from you!

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The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley @HarperCollinsCa @WmMorrowBooks @about_thethrill #askthetravelingsistersaboutourreads #askusaboutourbook

Today, I am joining Kim @It’s all About The Thrill in sharing our reviews for The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley.  It’s is now available!

Brenda’s review

Friends with secrets, couples and strangers, a secluded hunting lodge and a dead body make for some intriguing elements.

The Hunting Party starts off with an unknown dead body and we are left till the end to find out who it is from a group of thirty-somethings who come together in a secluded hunting lodge to celebrate New Year’s Eve. We learn from some background into the characters just how unlikable these characters are. The more we see just how unlikable they are we see that it could be any one of them and any one of them could be the murderer.

Lucy Foley does a good job here creating some interesting characters and dynamics between them. They are unique from each other with secrets from their past or things they don’t want each other to know. We have the beautiful one who is now part of the golden couple, the one who was the unlikely friend, the outsider to the group, the new parents and the gay couple. We also have the staff of the hunting lodge who also have backstories with secrets. Sounds a bit stereotyped but hey they all make great characters right? At times with so many characters, I struggled with keeping them apart and their backstories.

The first half of the story was slow-paced for me and I really wanted the story to pick up and find out what happened instead of all the background that I felt weighted down the story. The second half picked up and I started to turn the pages faster right to the reveal of who was dead and who was the killer. The ending could be rewarding or not! For me not so much. When it all came together it was all so predictable and I can’t believe I didn’t take the time to figure anything out. Now this one is brilliantly written with the structure to the story and is like a modern version of a classic golden age crime novel. I enjoyed that element to the story and this is something I am thinking will appeal to many readers.

Thank you to Harpercollins and Edelweiss for a copy to read and review.

Have you read this one? Did you find the ending rewarding or not so much? Want to read this one? Drop us a comment! We would love to hear from you!

The Secret of Clouds by Alyson Richman #BookBloggers #travelingsistersread @BerkleyPub @alysonrichman

The Secret of Clouds by Alyson Richman is available now!

Brenda’s Review

A Mother’s love and sorrow, a teacher who cares and a child’s courage to live life to the fullest make for a tissue-worthy story here.

The Secret of Clouds is a tenderly written heart-warming and heart-breaking story that explores the bond between a teacher and her student. Who soon find they can learn something from each other.

Alyson Richman captures a mother’s love, fear and sorrow, a teacher’s caring ways to make a difference with her students and an ill child’s courage to connect to the outside world. Through each character, we learn something about resilience, perseverance, acceptance, love and connections in many ways, sorrow and healing.

I really enjoyed the special connection and dynamics between the characters. Each connection is interesting and heart-warming. At times the pace is slow and predictable however I think it’s to bring a bit of relief to the reality of the story.

Norma and I read this one on our own since a few of our Traveling Sisters read this one because I couldn’t get our schedule organized. It is definitely one we recommend for group reads.

Norma’s review

Passionate, compelling and evocative!

THE SECRET OF CLOUDS by ALYSON RICHMAN is an emotionally charged, tender, moving, beautiful and insightful contemporary novel that I absolutely loved and thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. The story was so beautifully told and totally touched my heart.

ALYSON RICHMAN delivers quite the awe-inspiring, emotional, touching, entertaining, well-written and unforgettable read here that will definitely stay with me for a very long time. I was totally invested in this story, fully absorbed in these characters lives and thoroughly enjoyed both storylines equally. The story and writing definitely held my full attention and I didn’t even care or notice that it might have been a little predictable. If a book can totally take you away into the world you are reading that for me is one extremely satisfying reading experience.

This is a book that I will always hold close to my heart.

Norma’s Stats:
Cover: Beautiful, intriguing, hopeful, huggable, spellbinding and an extremely emotive and fitting representation to storyline.
Title: Oh my goodness! The meaning behind this title is absolutely awesome, extremely fitting, and definitely heartwarming. Love…love….love it!!!
Writing/Prose: Well-written, perceptive, beautiful and extremely readable. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style and it definitely resonated with me.
Plot: Engrossing, powerful, affecting, moving, interesting, enlightening, fast-paced, and highly entertaining.
Ending: A beautifully written, heartwarming and extremely satisfying ending! This was a huggable and endearing book.
Overall: A fantastic and captivating read that had me totally absorbed within this story right from the very start, thoroughly enjoying every minute of this unputdownable and heartfelt story! Would recommend!

Thank you so much to Elisha at Berkley Publishing and Alyson Richman for providing me with an ARC in exchange for a review! I thoroughly enjoyed the reading experience!

Have you read this one? Want to read it? Drop us a comment! We would love to hear from you!