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Life is good, then a horrible accident, a cover-up, a dark confession, and a protective mother. Are you intrigued yet? There is more!!

Once I started reading One Fatal Mistake I couldn’t put down and I soon made my way to a quiet place where I could hide from any distraction or family who might want something. I grabbed my favorite beverage and locked myself in my room. I only needed a few hours to whip through this short fast-paced, action-packed entertaining and exciting read.

The thing about this story is it’s a bit predictable however it’s what really works here. Tom Hunt had a way of grabbing me from the first page and I was taken on a heart-pounding nail-biting ride where I didn’t even have time to think about which way it’s was going to twist and turn until I reach the end. I was left thinking wow that was fun and exciting. It reminded of the days when I didn’t need dark and twisted just good storytelling with some characters to root for and villains to dislike to entertain me.

I highly recommend setting some time aside and hoping on this ride and go for the fun of it.

One Fatal Mistake by Tom Hunt is now available!

Thank you so much to Elisha at Berkley Publishing Group for the opportunity to read an advance reading copy of this novel.

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    1. Yeah you got to love and hate at the same. Things can get tense with getting those last few pages in especially if the people I am hiding from are hunger! Lol.

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