The Huntress by Kate Quinn

Brenda’s review

A trio of Nazi hunters, a lethal Nazi murder, a Russian bomber pilot and a gentle and quiet family where something just doesn’t seem right.

The Huntress is a suspenseful, exciting, compelling vividly written story that explores justice with a hint of romance to warm your heart. The hunter becomes the hunted in this.

Kate Quinn does a fantastic job here weaving three storylines together and throughout the story, my favorite changed as I read each one. A trio of Nazi hunters are on a search to capture the ruthless Nazi murderer who committed unspeakable war crimes. The hunter becomes the hunted. Each hunter has their reasons and is obsessed with finding The Huntress and each have their different ways of getting their revenge.

Kate Quinn does such a great job creating some interesting and exciting characters with some of them based on real people. She vividly captures the spirit of the team of Russian bombers called the Night Witches and brings them alive for us. My favorite character became bomber Nina Markova and I couldn’t get enough of her character. She is smart, bold, dangerously courageous and ferocious making her terrifying at times in her own way.

A bit high on drama and it does take on a bit of a climatic feel to it and is a bit longer than it needs to be. This did affect the way Lindsay felt about the story and it was hard for her to connect to the characters. This affected her enjoyment of the story.

The ending comes together so well. It’s a vivid tense climatic showdown that took my breath away. I was reading it so fast I had to slow myself down to take it all in. I highly recommend.

Thank you to HarperCollins Canada, William Morrow books for my copy to read and review

From Lindsay’s review

I am the outlier with my feelings about this novel. My biggest issue was the characters and the dialogue and demeanor of the characters. It didn’t have natural ease making many situations feel forced and awkward for me. Unfortunately, my disconnect with the characters completely overshadowed any enjoyment I may have attained from learning about this time in our history. 

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  1. Wonderful reviews! I’m glad that most of us enjoyed it and hate that Lyndsay didn’t but understand her reasons. It is a very dramatic book–I think it would translate well to the big screen.

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    1. Thank you, Stephanie! Usually, Lindsay and I love the same historical fiction but I can understand too. Honestly, I am a bit surprised I loved it as much as I did. Dramatic can get tiring for me but this one was exciting. lol .

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      1. It’s been kind of a disappointing start of the year for me. I feel like I am turning into a grumpy reader. I need to take a step back from so many ARCs and control that FOMO and go back to mood reading. lol

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  2. I love the different perspectives in this review! I’ve got this one on my TBR, but should probably read The Alice Network first, since I actually have a copy. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Lisa! Norma and I loved The Alice Network and Lindsay had some similar thoughts with the characters. I thought The Alice Network was not as climatic and dramatic as this one though. I hope you love them both!

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    1. Yes T! It’s in Vancouver now but I will bring it back when I go again next month! I think you will love it!

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  3. I enjoyed these reviews. Having just finished listening to the audio version of this book, I need some other views. On the one hand, I loved the fast pace and the characters and setting. (Listened to this in my car and was always quite engaged.) But in the end, I felt let down. Why did the evil stepmother end up being so one-sided? Yes, she was a murderer lacking compassion, but I thought that we’d get to see the motivation for her cruelty. Why were the other characters given that depth and yet Anneliese stayed pure evil?

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    1. Thank you, Gabe! I thought that the ending really took on a climatic feel were Nina was the hero making Annelise the villain. I don’t think the author wanted us to have compassion for her. I can see that not working though. It didn’t for a couple of us.

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