The Missing Years by Lexie Elliott

Brenda’s review

A missing father, an inherited old Scottish manor with rumors of it being haunted, the daughter trying to escape from the feeling of it watching her. 

The Missings Years is an easy atmospheric read here with the setting of an old Scottish manor called the Manse that I thought should have felt more creepier and eerier with the secrets it keeps. I had some mixed feelings here and I began to wonder if maybe I have become a predictable reader expecting stories to feel a certain way. Here in this story, the lack of creepiness was made up by the house coming alive for me. It became a strong entertaining character with an attitude and I enjoyed the dynamics here with the house and our main character Ailsa. 

The characters here within the small town were also entertaining and I enjoyed hearing the rumors and the vibe it created here in the story. I found the characters to be interesting and the dynamics well down between them. 

The Missing Years is a slower paced read that read fast for me and read it quick quickly. It was a different pace from my usual dark and twisted and I thought the mystery came together a bit uneventful however I did love the way things wrapped up with the house. I highly recommend taking some time to get to know this house. 

Thank you to Elisha and Berkley Publishing for my complimentary copy.

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  1. Very cool story! I think this would be a fun read, eery but not too heavy. I’d test the waters in this book as I don’t do scary 🙂

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  2. Great reviews ladies. I have been reading comments and reviews on this one and am still not sure. I am not a big fan of creepy, but it sounds more than just that. I will have to add this one and then see what happens.

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