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Brenda’s Review

An estranged mother, a rusty VW Van and a family on a journey to forgiveness and finding what was lost.

Remember Us is a fun, quirky yet a heartbreaking story that explores time, bond, forgiveness, and identity.  The family is brought together by an illness and they take a journey together that at times was hilarious and heartbreaking.  

A bit slow in places but worth it as I really liked how the ending came together and the way it made me think about some of the themes I picked up on.  We all enjoyed discussing this one and I recommend for group discussions.

Norma’s Review

Sweet, amusing & raw!

A light, quick & easy read that has the most adorable cover ever. REMEMBER US by LINDSAY BLAKE / LAYNE JAMES did take me a little bit of time to warm up to but once I did, I thought it was quite the entertaining and delightful read. I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamics between these characters and especially enjoyed Bernice’s character. She has this vibrant personality that is so full of life that I found to be so amusing and entertaining. This book had me smiling and chuckling a few times until the end where my feelings changed a little bit because I didn’t necessarily enjoy the direction that this book took. I did find it was a good, entertaining, and fun read though with a few endearing & heartbreaking moments. 

Lindsay’s Review

When Ben and Reese Hamilton find out their father has cancer, they take a break from their busy lives to spend time with their dad and help him through this devastating time.   While back in their childhood home, one day they open the door to find their estranged mother ready to move back in and help after being gone from their lives for the last thirteen years.   This sudden reintroduction of their mother into their lives causes much confusion and chaos.

This broken family works through many emotions, questions and adventures while spending this quality time together.

This was a quick, light and easy read that I found cute and entertaining.  The characters and situations brought smiles to my face throughout with their quirks and personalities.  It was interesting to follow this family on their journey through difficult times while reflecting on their memories of happier times.

Norma’s Stats:
Cover: Simple, attractive, and nostalgic with an adorable vintage feel to it that is an extremely fitting and meaningful representation to storyline. #coverlove
Title: An intriguing, interesting and fitting representation to storyline. I enjoyed the journey whilst learning how this title played so fittingly into storyline. The complex dynamics between these characters was entertaining while the characters took us on a trip down memory lane. 
Writing/Prose: Well-written, engaging and readable. Thoroughly enjoyed the quirky, humorous and amusing narrative! 
Plot: Slow-building, steadily paced, amusing, heartfelt, thought-provoking and complex. 
Ending: Okay this is where things went a little sideways for me as I wasn’t a fan of the ending and it left me feeling somewhat disappointed and unsatisfied. 
Overall: It was a fun, light, sweet, sad and hopeful book that was an enjoyable quick and easy read!

Thank you so much to the authors Lindsay Blake and Layne James for gifting all three of us a physical copy to read! We thoroughly enjoyed reading and discussing this one.

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