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Happy pub day to CAMP GRANDMA!

Illuminating, inspiring & delightful!

CAMP GRANDMA by MARIANNE WAGGONER DAY was such a pleasure to read. A real gem! It’s a quick and easy one that is packed full of valuable information and some fabulous ideas. Not only useful for grandparents but for all mothers and fathers out there as well as any caregiver for that matter.

My granddaughter is a little too young to incorporate some of the information that was provided within this book but it did give me the knowledge to store and look back on for future use. I love that this book gave me so much insight and tools to use in order for me to be an active participant in my granddaughter’s life. And hopefully instill some valuable lessons, memorable moments and helpful techniques that will be useful to her in the future.

I can hardly wait to put some of this information and ideas to good use. I am one proud Grandma and this book just makes me want to be the best possible Grandma ever!! I got all those warm fuzzy feelings while I was reading this book. Love that!!

This book definitely resonated with me as a mother and grandmother. And I also thoroughly enjoyed the stories and pictures that were shared by Marianne with and of her own grandchildren. It definitely added in an extra personal touch that I totally ate right up. Would definitely recommend!!

Thank you so much to BookSparks for the opportunity to read this engaging and enlightening book. I feel so grateful for being chosen to read an early copy of this book and I thoroughly enjoyed the reading experience.

The Daughter’s Tale by Armando Lucas Correa @ArmandoCorrea @SimonSchusterCA

The Daughter’s Tale by Armando Lucas Correa is out today!

Brenda’s review

A mother’s heartbreak, impossible choices, desperate circumstances, and a daughter’s secrets to survival.

The Daughter’s Tale is an unforgettable heartbreaking family saga that follows The German Girl.  It explores the heart-wrenching decisions of one mother’s choices made out of love and for survival.  The story pulled at my momma heartstrings and I could feel our main character’s Amanda’s desperation to save her daughters and her strength as she made the impossible, haunting decisions she had to.

Armando Lucas Correa does a good job here evoking the horrors here in the story but keeps the details lighter compared to some historical fiction I have read.  It did lack some emotional pull and depth to some of the characters needed to connect on an emotional level. However, it did leave me a sobbing emotional mess in the best way in the end, thinking about all the mothers out there that had or have to make impossible decisions to save their children.  For that, I highly recommend and I recommend to readers who like to keep the horror lighter but still get a feel for the events.

I haven’t read The German Girl yet, however, I now need to read it and I look forward to the next book from Armando Lucas Correa

Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for my complimentary copy.