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Today is the day to run not walk to get your hands on this highly anticipated book The Night Before! It’s one not to be missed. Congratulations to Wendy Walker for nailing this exciting, thrilling and flawless story here that left us flying off our chairs cheering after reading it. We can’t recommend it enough especially for group reads!

Brenda’s review

Two very different sisters, one goes missing the night before and the other tries to put the nightmare together.

The Night Before is a clever, unique , fast-paced story that had my heart racing right from the start. The characters are so well-developed and the well layered plot drew me right into the lives of these two very different sisters, their bond and their dark secrets.

I love unreliable characters and Wendy Walker does such a great job here with keeping me on our toes with the best possible sense of dread as I tried to figure out who was the danger and who was in danger.

The twists and turns, red herrings had my head spinning from the excitement and I was going in so many different directions trying to figure out how it was all going to come together I didn’t see that unexpected ending coming that came together so well. I highly recommend!

Norma’s review

Ingenious, enthralling, & brisk!

If I were to give you one piece of advice while reading this book would be to put all your other books aside so you can totally be immersed in this tale. This book needs to be read without any interruptions and quickly because the intensity level is all in the execution here and to even let it go for a few hours loses that appeal of needing to know what the heck is going on. Now I wouldn’t necessarily say that you actually need to do that but boy do I ever wish that life didn’t get in the way of this book! 

THE NIGHT BEFORE by WENDY WALKER is an intense, thrilling, suspenseful and compulsive psychological thriller novel that was quite the entertaining and enjoyable read for me. I was actually quite stunned and very impressed in the end with how well a seemingly straightforward story turned into something that was so much more complex and felt nothing but new and original. 

WENDY WALKER delivers an intriguing, clever and engaging read here with quite a few surprising twists and turns. The story is told in multiple timelines with alternating points of view between two sisters, Laura and Rosie and therapy sessions between Laura and her therapist. The intensity level of the story increases slowly as the story progresses and had me guessing and questioning almost everything that was happening in this book. I absolutely love that feeling of not knowing where a story is headed and when the reveal brings everything together in the end it is just so satisfying to me. 

What really made this novel for me was Laura’s character and the ending. She was a complicated, relatable, believable and realistic character. I did have a suspicion early on about one of the reveals, but having guessed that did not take away any of the shocking reveals in the end. I was genuinely impressed with how emotionally attached I got to Laura’s character and the ending for me was absolutely beautiful and very touching. 

Lindsay’s review


This was a fast-paced, tension-filled, edge-of-your-seat thrilling read!   I couldn’t flip these pages fast enough! I absolutely love Wendy Walker’s writing – it pulled me in from page one and kept me fully captivated and intrigued until the very end.  Knowing the caliber of her writing, I knew I would be in for an intense and gripping read, which is exactly what this was.

Once again, Wendy Walker, mastered the art of brilliant narration.   One of my most favourite books is her debut, “All Is Not Forgotten” which had such unique and clever narration.  Although that remains my favourite of her books, this comes in a VERY close second. I loved the characters – my suspicions were bouncing all over the place.  The various perspectives flow perfectly, revealing new pieces of this addictive and twisty story that will have you changing your theory more than a few times throughout.

The gripping and speedy pace, the vivid characters, the skillful narration, the unwavering tension.   It all adds up to one fantastic story that will leave you in high anticipation of what Wendy Walker will come out with next!   As you can tell, I highly recommend this incredible novel!

A huge thank you to Jordan at St. Martin’s Press for our copies from NetGalley to read and review.

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  1. Oh yes I did read and reviewed this book today and I loved it too. Yayyy and for once, I have read the book you have read too. So happy. I agree it was unputdownable.. 😍Fantastic reviews

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  2. Okay, I need to read this book next. I have it on my May TBR but can’t wait any longer. It seems that I also need to get previous titles by Wendy especially ‘All is Not Forgotten’. Great reviews!

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    1. Thank you, Diana! Yes this one is just to good to wait. I really hope you love it. I also loved All in Not Forgotten. I want to read Emma in the Night.

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